22 September 2019 Analogue Printing Technologies

Heidelberg peers into the future with Prinect 2020

The press provider is moving its Prinect software into the cloud, modernising how users pay for the workflow and expanding its scope in the direction of the upcoming HeiOS approach.

Heidelberg is taking its Prinect production workflow into its subscription services, employing the cloud alongside on site servers, in what it calls Prinect 2020.

“We have needed to change our business model,” says Jacob Hededam, head of software sales and service for Northern Europe “We have previously had 74 different licence options and it is now a single. As a printer, you receive the entire Prinect suite and you pay as you use it.”

There is no need for a printer to manage the different functions and ensure that each is updated and paid for under software as a service models. “We will still install Prinect modules on a client premises where there is a need for processing power to manage TIff files at the point of output,” he says.

Remaining functions from ganging, scheduling, colour management, can be directed to the cloud. The Prinect Portal handles communication between printer and customer and between digital print and conventional plate production.

It links into the SmartBi, the application which analyses activity in the print plant to improve efficiencies by looking at the data on jobs produced and filter it into usable views over the business, batching similar jobs using the same substrates, delivery dates and so on and then triggering plate exposure actions as close to press time as possible, and in the correct sequence for loading on press.

This includes managing the different process steps in producing a hard cover book so that the separate elements are delivered to the casing in machine at the right time, communicating with MIS and production scheduler.

This functionality will be adapted to suit other product types where distinct process steps need to be aligned to deliver efficiency.

The data is deliverable to Heidelberg's own folders where imposition information is used to set up the buckle plates and knives. And while Heidelberg no longer offers binding equipment of its own, having sold the Eurobind and StitchMaster products to Muller Martini, it is positioned alongside the Swiss company for Drupa next year.

By Gareth Ward

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All about the cloud

All about the cloud

Heidelberg is moving functionality of Prinect into the cloud and simplifying the business model so that only a subscription fee, varying by page volume, is payable.

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