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Heidelberg fills gap with Speedmaster CX75

Heidelberg has demonstrated a new B2 press designed to fill the gap between XL and SX models. And the CX75 is already being called the XL75 Lite.

Heidelberg has shown a new sheetfed litho press to visitors attending a commercial printers open day at its Wiesloch factory.

The new press is the Speedmaster CX75, a compact 15,000sph press available from four to six colours with a coating option and available with full options on UV drying. The press will receive its official launch at the China Print show in Beijing next month, underlining the importance of that market. Even before launch it is being dubbed the “XL75 Lite”.

The user has a choice of format the standard 750x500mm and an extended 605x750mm, what Heidelberg calls the F format which has been an option for the XL75. This pitches the press at printers who want to produce labels and carton printing where the extra print area may accommodate extra labels or carton blanks over a more conventional 530x750mm C format XL75.

It will cope with substrates from 0.03mm to 0.6mm. It uses the same double circumference impression cylinder configuration as the XL75 rather than the single-sized cylinders on the SX74. It has the feeder from the SX74 and is available in straight only configurations. Otherwise specification is from the high performance press. The target says Heidelberg is the user in a developing market that does not need the full automation that the XL75 offers and printers in developed countries that are looking "for an attractive price performance ratio".

In the UK, Heidelberg managing director Gerard Heanue says: “We first discussed the press in October last year and made some suggestions to the factory. We have also discussed it with some customers under NDA. It is a model that we have been pushing for.”

The press is designed with an increasingly popular small footprint, suited to space constrained businesses. It has a width of 2.81metres and 2.05metres height. It is the narrowest B2 press that Heidelberg has produced.

A five-unit press with coating unit will be 11.6 metres long. This has been achieved by replacing the running board with fold out steps to give access to the print units, possible from either side of the press.

While this is not a machine in the high performance XL class presses, it is fully integrated with Prinect and will make ready in less than five minutes. All positions for a new job can be set and moved automatically, side lays, vacuum belt and feeder move into position while suction and blowers will be adjusted from information about weight and size of material printed. These settings can be logged for later recall.

Werbedruck Petzold in Germany has been selected as the beta site for the CX75. It is a commercial printer which is also producing packaging, a sector of the market that is tipped for growth. Testing will last for another few months until serial production of the machine begins in the autumn.

“We expect it to be available in November,” says Heanue. Pricing will be announced nearer the availability date.

The CX75 can run with classic UV for carton printing as well as LE-UV and LED UV. These options will be available around six months after launch. This again emphasises the versatility that Heidelberg is looking for. It suits "the growth in new applications without the need for excessive investment" says the company.

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Wiesloch launch

Wiesloch launch

Heidelberg introduced its new B2 press, the Speedmaster CX75, at an open house in the Wiesloch factory last week. The press, described as "an XL75 Lite" will receive its official launch at China Print and will ship in November.

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Ersin Sözer

Ersin Sözer

Ersin Sözer is managing director of Werbedruck Petzold which is the chosen beta site for the Speedmaster CX75. The company produces a wide range of commercial work, from brochures and catalogues to posters and packaging. It runs a Speedmaster 52 Anicolor and Speedmaster 74, both five-colour machines. This enable the business to offer different coating effects.

"We wanted a universal press that could handle all of this and that we could integrate into our digital workflow," says Sözer. "The Speedmaster CX75 is exactly the right press for my business model."

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