18 August 2019 Print Companies

Healeys returns for next high speed Ricoh

Ipswich printers Healeys has bought a second Ricoh Pro C9200, its flagship cutsheet digital presses a year after buying the first.

Healeys Printers, Ipswich, will take delivery of a second Ricoh Pro C9200 at the end of this month.

The company was one of the first in the UK to buy Ricoh's flagship press when it took delivery of the machine in August last year. And after bedding in and switching to a more powerful Rip, the press has performed to expectations.

As a result managing director Philip Dodd says there were no qualms about ordering a second. This will replace the company’s Ricoh Pro C9100 and meet growing demand for digital print. The company runs three Ricoh's alongside a Kodak Nexpress in its digital division and Speedmaster XL75 as the mainstay of its litho business.

The company is adding Inpress Control II to the Speedmaster which will cut the number of sheets lost at makeready and will increase the number of good sheets on the floor in an hour, Dodd explains.

“We are doing well, looking to report another record when the financial year closes at the end of October,” he says. Last year the company reached sales of £4.1 million and is anticipating turnover of £4.35 million for 2019, says Dodd.

The new investment with Ricoh will increase capacity as demand for digital print continues to increase while that with Heidelberg will add to overall competitiveness. It is not about fighting for all jobs at the lowest rates. “We can’t compete with the efficiency of a Micropress nor with the efficiency of a Where The Trade Buys or Route1. But there are enough customers out there and we can help them achieve the print they want.”

That means continuing to look at different opportunities that can be added to the business in terms of technology or with a focus in a business sector. Earlier this year the company installed two new guillotines. Both were Polars, one a N115 Plus and the other is a Polar N92 Plus.

In business terms the company has created a portal for specification and creation of funeral stationery adapted from its Infigo Catfish application that runs other online communication for the business.

By Gareth Ward

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Philip Dodd

Philip Dodd

Healeys is anticipating another record year, propelled by growth in demand for digital printing. As a consequence it has ordered a second Ricoh Pro C9200.

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