30 June 2019 Business

HP acquires OneFlow, the UK developer of single-copy workflows

HP is taking its association with OneFlow Systems from partnership in PrintOS to full ownership of software first developed for Precision Printing.

HP is buying OneFlow, the single-copy workflow application that was first developed to handle run of one work for Precision Printing.

The software was later spun off into a separate business, OneFlow Systems, in order to market the technology to other digital printers. And it became one of the first third-party application for HP’s PrintOS suite of cloud applications three years ago.

OneFlow Systems is now to be acquired by HP. It considers the software to be a strategic plank in a workflow strategy for Indigo and a PageWide web presses. OneFlow has also been key to the Piazza applications that is intended to enable automated decision making and zero inventory strategies for book publishers.

“The demand for simple, scalable, on demand printing continues to grow with publishers and brands, and the addition of OneFlow Systems underscores a massive productivity opportunity for commercial printers,” says Santi Morera, general manager and global head at HP’s Graphics Solutions Business. “OneFlow Systems complements our industry leading workflow automation solutions and will help us continue to drive digital print momentum for customers.”

It is understood that OneFlow Systems will continue to operate under directors Nigel Watson and Chris Knighton. It has developed three versions of the application, OneFlow Ship, OneFlow Shops and OneFlow Workforce.

OneFlow was developed initially to link collection of orders submitted through online portals and websites, to both batch jobs up for the optimal production path and then collating different products in the order into a single package to be delivered to an end customer, other individual or third-party company. The software allows seamless production, using barcodes to identify and track progress and to automate set up of production equipment, so allowing a business like Precision Printing to cope with thousands of micro orders a day.

The company has been focusing on phone to order links for print services and to investigate 3D printing. “Our goal is to be the Amazon Web Services of the printing world, providing a suite of products built on scalable cloud based micro services,” the company says on LinkedIn.

There has been no announcement about the financial terms of the deal.

By Gareth Ward

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Oneflow at Precision

Oneflow at Precision

OneFlow is the software that manages job of one applications for Precision Printing and WhereTheTrade Buys and an increasing number of Indigo customers around the world.

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