19 June 2016 Print Companies

Gomer increases productivity with hard cover investments

Gomer Press has signed for casemaking and sewing systems at Drupa, while continuing a search for a suitable digital press.

Gomer Press will take delivery of a new casemaker and new sewing machine in August, having confirmed the orders with Kolbus UK at Drupa. But the search for a new colour digital press goes on.

The company has a Ricoh Pro C901 which at five years old is being overtaken in terms of costs and quality by other machines on the market. It was with this in mind that Gomer Press managing director Jonathan Lewis visited Drupa.

“We are looking to upgrade the colour digital press,” he says, “but we haven’t made a decision on that.

“The technology has improved and the click charge we are paying is no longer competitive, so by changing we will be reducing our costs and we will be a little more competitive.” As well as the Ricoh-supplied machine Gomer runs a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106, so may turn to the German litho press supplier for its next digital machine.

However, in the immediate future the Llandysul company is preparing for the arrival of case making and sewing equipment at the end of August and in time for the busy period for book production starting in September and leading into Christmas. Both the Kolbus DA260 case maker and Meccanotecnica Aster sewer are upgrades from existing machines, providing a boost to capacity through faster running, easier operation and faster set up, but not through expanding the service.

“We have had case making here for over ten years,” says Lewis, “and it has become an area we focus our sales effort on. This means we have to upgrade equipment we have had since the start.

“The current sewing machine is 16 years old, so it was definitely time to upgrade it. We expect to be much more productive.”

The Aster Pro that Gomer is taking is the flagship of the range running up to 200 cycles a minute. This will cope with increasing demand for a sewn book product.

The company’s binder is from Kolbus providing the foundation to return the company for the latest round of investment.

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Robert Flather and Jonathan Lewis

Robert Flather and Jonathan Lewis

Kolbus UK managing director Robert Flather took the order for a DA260 casemaker on the first day of Drupa. The machine will be delivered to the Welsh printer in August so that it is bedded in in time for the traditional autumn busy period.

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