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Gomer Press takes on LE-UV looking for productivity gain

Welsh book printer Gomer Press has followed bindery investment with fast turnaround B1 Speedmaster.

Gomer Press is moving to LE-UV joining a host of other recent orders Heidelberg has received for a press with the low energy UV technology.

The Welsh book printing, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, will install the press during the two-week Christmas shutdown. The Speedmaster XL106-4-P replaces a similar machine, but without a coater as the UV lamp will ensure sheets are dry for immediate processing.

This is just one of the advantages, says managing director Jonathan Lewis. “We will be confident that there will be no marking in the folder or gatherer, that there will be no build up of spray powder in the folder. It is going to be a much cleaner environment.”

The company is also buying a Polar pile turner enabling jobs to be turned and printed on the reverse side with no waiting for sheets to dry. The average run of mono and full colour book work is 2,000 copies. With Intellistart 2, Autoplate Pro, Inkstar and Inpress Control, the XL106 is configured to Heidelberg’s Push to Stop functionality. Data received by the press and sent to the production network forms part of the latest Prinect workflow that is part of the investment.

While Gomer is a Heidelberg customer of long standing, Lewis says he spoke with Komori and KBA before making the investment. In the end the package Heidelberg was able to put together and the track record in servicing the Landysul company won out.

The press follows almost exactly a year after Gomer installed a new Kolbus binder and Aster sewer, also supplied by Kolbus UK. These will gain in productivity because the sheets from the new press will be completely clean.

“It will facilitate faster turnaround,” says Lewis. “There are certain jobs that we print which we have to leave for a week before finishing because the customer does not want to apply a seal to the paper he has chosen. It should save us a lot of time.”

The company is very busy, leaving the seasonal break as the perfect time for the installation. “Christmas is the only time we could swap presses because we really are very busy. Publishers are giving us plenty of short run work (under 2,000 typically) where our competitive costs and rapid turnaround times make it attractive to keep print in the UK," he says.

While the Speedmaster XL106 will be the main press, the company also operates an SM52-4-P and Versafire CP digital press which Heidelberg UK installed at the start of the year.

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Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis visited printers, including Superior Creative, to check the benefits of LE-UV technology before ordering a four-colour perfecting Speedmaster XL106. The press will arrive and be installed over the Christmas period.

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