03 July 2019 Business

Get the magazine you deserve: a business publication

Print Business is exactly what it says it is. A business resource tailored to the printing industry. It is no more driven by press releases and clickbait than the Financial Times or the Economist. It has a value far greater than its subscription price.

Print Business was conceived to fill a gap and is still the only one of its kind. In 2005 there were plenty of publications full of industry news and technology announcements and reviews. But none had brought those threads together and put them into context. Gareth Ward was the only one to take all of the available information, from a multitude of sources, put himself in the shoes of those running print businesses, and tell them what they need to know.

Since its management buyout in 2010 Print Business has really sharpened its focus on keeping business leaders looking ahead, as it outlines the future, correctly predicting trends before they happen and providing information, inspiration and insight. Its indepth yet highly readable content is consultancy in magazine format.

Just as companies competing on price is a race to the bottom, those that create a quality product charge accordingly for it. Print Business must practise what it preaches. The switch to a subscription business model has begun.

Why pay for something that is currently free?

  • Because it has value.
  • The magazine’s number of pages and frequency is determined by revenue. The more subscribers, the more information, more often.
  • A subscription model would enable Print Business to expand its services to its readers. It has a massive database of information to interrogate, interpret and present.
  • Print Business could visit even more businesses, see their successes and their pain points and share their stories.

And all for £120, less than the price of a return flight to Düsseldorf.

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Subscription Prices

Subscription Prices

UK £120 pa
EU £150 pa
Outside EU £180 pa

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