16 February 2020 Print Companies

Gemini earns Kodak's environment Green Leaf accolade

According to Kodak, Gemini Print is among the most sustainable printers in the world, sharing first place in Europe for users of the Sonora X plate.

Gemini Print has been recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable printers, at least according to Kodak. Kodak has awarded the Shoreham on Sea company top accolade in 2019 Sonora plate Green Leaf awards, recognising users of the process-free plate.

Gemini scored perfectly across the categories used to assess printers, including community involvement as well as environmental management programme, waste management and use of the Kodak plate. It shared top spot in Europe with Drukkerij de Biij from Amsterdam.

“We are absolutely delighted,” says Gemini marketing director Suzanne Heaven. “Of the 4,000 Sonora X users around the world, only nine of us were the top scoring winners.”

Use of the Sonora technology immediately cuts energy requirements and chemical use, sometimes as part of a move to greater sustainability, sometimes starting as a step for commercial reasons. The consistency and repeatability of the process free plate helps deliver predictability from the press, in Gemini's case a ten-colour perfecting Speedmaster XL105.

The award caps a general move towards sustainability for the print company. “We have achieved the eco labels, FSC certification and ISO,” says Heaven. These combined with a commitment to vegetable oil litho inks, recycling waste, paper purchasing policies and a clean record in terms of any legal violations. This lay behind the company’s ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign, branding a collection of promotional products with very high eco standards.

Heaven says that there is no pressure on the business because of its location being close to Brighton, home to the UK’s first and only Green Party MP. However, there is increasing pressure from customers, she explains.

“We don’t see a tender form that doesn’t include quite demanding environmental standards, CSR and social commitments as well. It is no longer just ticking a box and forgetting about it. It is constant and has to become part of the fabric of what you do.”

That involves helping customers to reach the right decisions for their business, especially around the use and misuse of paper. “There’s still a lot of ignorance out there with regard to paper. And it’s not just about recycling; there’s a need for a well managed virgin paper.”

Nor is it a paper good, digital bad argument. Telling customers that digital has an environmental footprint is not going to be welcomed when the client has invested in amassing a whole range of digital assets. “If they have invested that effort in digital, with social media and websites, we can show them business cards with mobile phone numbers and also a bit of augmented reality to integrate the worlds of print and online. The user can scan the AR code to launch a video or to show new products through the same link. The AR can be updated as you want.

“It’s not either, or. The cleverest approach is the integrated approach.”

In all Kodak recognised 52 printers worldwide for their environmental approach. With Blackmore Group, Bluetree Group, John Pace Printers, Calverts, SF Taylor, Midland Regional Printers and Welshpool Printing Group, the UK had more ranked printers than any other country.

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Sonora award

Sonora award

Gemini Print has won top place in the Kodak Green Leaf award, sharing the accolade with a Dutch printer. Overall UK companies outperformed Sonora users from any other country.

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