10 February 2019 Print Companies

Galloways prepares for press investment with GMG technology

Manchester printer Galloways has created a predictable, automated workflow around GMG technology to save time, money and remakes.

Galloways has bedded in a GMG ColorServer ahead of a spate of investment that will see the Manchester printer take delivery of a new litho and digital presses.

When the new equipment arrives in coming weeks it will fit into a workflow that uses GMG to ensure consistent colour across litho, toner and inkjet digital presses. It is also integrated with an Enfocus Switch enabled workflow to deliver proofs either through an Epson or on screen for sign off by clients.

The aim is to take any headaches away from colour management through a full automation of the process. It delivers speed and peace of mind for the business. Says Matt Galloway: “With turnaround times critical to our customers, it has been vital we stay ahead of competition while maintaining the high level of quality our customers expect through automating procedures and investment in technology. Having the tools at hand through GMG to predict, manage and measure spectral data, as well as achieve cost savings, gives us complete confidence in the service we offer.”

All jobs pass through the GMG Color Server, picking up ISO profiles according to the output process chosen and the substrate – an uncoated paper or corrugated box taking a different profile for example. This covers 95% of the substrates that the company uses, says Galloway. “The aim is to get the job right from the start,” he says.

This is helped by GMG’s InkOptimser under colour removal software which gives a stronger role to the black channel and smooths out the variability that inks can be prone to in different climatic conditions. There is also a financial benefit from this approach as overall ink consumption is down.

Once the new machines are installed, the company will be linking to the Heidelberg Prinect workflow via XML/JDF for further automation at the business level.

Currently the business runs two Heidelberg litho presses and a Versafire CV digital press. It has a web to print service for customers to log on and order print via its Tharstern MIS and to the GMG ColorProof to minimise interventions.

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GMG colour control

GMG colour control

Galloways has standardised output across three print technologies using GMG Color Server and with its web portal can generate colour accurate proofs for sign off in a fully automatic workflow.

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