16 October 2016 Print Companies

Fuller Davies boosts capacity with CX Speedmaster

Ipswich printer Fuller Davies has installed a Speedmaster CX, cutting turnaround times for B1 print work.

Ipswich printer Fuller Davies has installed and commissioned a five-colour plus coater Speedmaster CX102, boosting B1 capacity and providing around 20% more capacity overall.

The machine is part of an ongoing £1.2 million investment spree for the business can comes as demand is picking up. Managing director Neil Stones explains: “We look at our investment strategy very carefully as the print sector and wider economy continues to pose some challenging questions. After detailed market analysis and discussions with our sales and production team, coupled with our confidence and the resurgence in the catalogue and brochure print markets, we decided on this investment. We are pleased our decision has been vindicated by recent increase in associated sales.”

The company will be able to use the fifth colour for specials and coat inline in order to provide the protection needed to process jobs quickly. This will help deliver shorter lead times for customers, Stones says.

More important, however, is the Inpress Control system on the press. This will help save time and waste at makeready and “clients like the fact that we have a monitoring system that is automatic and computerised, taking out human error,” he adds. “Makereadies are five minutes and we are running at 16,500sph.”

The technology he adds provides the extra confidence needed to take on quick turnaround work thanks to that consistency and the predictability at makeready.

The 26-strong company runs a B2 Speedmaster and this underpins the choice of Heidelberg for the B1 press. The machine was sourced earlier this year and installed in August. It has a strong digital department with Nexpress SX3300 with Dimensional Printing and long sheet capability.

Fuller Davies is well invested in the finishing department having recent fully automated B1 and B2 folders. The next step will be a new Screen platesetter and then a switch of IT system to exploit the power of the press.

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Speedmaster CX102

Speedmaster CX102

Fuller Davies is up to speed on a five colour plus coater Speedmaster CX102 it installed at its Ipswich factory in August. The press has Inpress Control which has made a big impact in terms of faster makeready and consistent quality says managing director Neil Stones.

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