29 July 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Fujifilm comes up with larger version of Jetpress

The Fujifilm Jetpress 720S gains a larger brother, with the launch of the Jetpress 750S at Igas.

Fujifilm is launching a new version of its B2 inkjet press, offering higher speed and a larger sheet format. The Jetpress 750S has been introduced at the Igas show in Tokyo and will ship in Japan October. There is no date for launch in the US or Europe as yet.

The Jetpress 750S increases print speed from 2,700sph on the Jetpress 720S to 3,600sph maximum on the new machine, using the same Samba 1200dpi inkjet heads. There is an upgraded drying system to handle the extra throughput. Ejection speed on the Samba has been increased and accuracy improved without Fuji speculating out precisely how.

The same rapid coagulating Vividia inks are used and the same coating applied to hold droplets in place as on the Jetpress 720S. Quality control systems are enhanced with an inline scanner that compares the image printed with a pass sheet or the approved PDF. This is in addition to colour assessment. Any differences are spotted and rectified immediately. It eliminates the need for checking the image quality of the sheets after printing, says Fujifilm.

The new drying system uses a heated belt to move sheets from the imaging area to the delivery as well as using hot air above the sheet. This allows the press to cope with the higher speed and also cuts 10% from the energy need to dry each sheet. It is also a more compact dryer, shaving considerable space from the footprint of the press. The Jetpress 750S will fit in a 10x5.2m gap around 15% less than the existing B2 inkjet machine.

The biggest change is an increase on format size to a maximum of 585x750mm, from a maximum of 532x750mm. This lengthens the sheet rather than requiring additional print heads in each colour array. The format delivers six US letter format pages in a single pass, five at A4, a step up from the 4pp only 720S. This will have appeal to cartoon producers where the extra 50mm may enable additional blanks to be printed.

This will require amendments to the GetFit app that runs comparisons between the costs of doing a job on a litho press and the same job on the Jetpress 720S. That was developed to show how, across a number of typical jobs, the sheetfed inkjet press can prove the value of the inkjet press. This now has to cope with the additional factor of the larger sheet as well as the standard sheet.

Gareth Ward

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Jetpress 750

Jetpress 750

The Jetpress 750S will join the Jetpress 720S as a B2 inkjet press, offering higher speeds and a different drying system and printing on a larger sheet. A date for a European and US launch has yet to be announced.

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