31 March 2019 Business

Fujifilm clears the way to XMF and MIS intergration

The Fujifim workflow is now part of a full integration with Tharstern and EFI MIS system for automated print production.

Fujifilm has received certification from EFI to endorse the close integration between EFI’s Pace MIS and Fujifilm’s XMF workflow.

Fujifilm has simultaneously announced it has achieved similar comprehensive levels on integration with Tharstern’s MIS. While this will make future integrations simpler, it is not a plug and play matter of bolting modules together, says workflow group product manager John Davies.

“The Tharstern work has evolved through working with several customers and more as we get requests from different customers and it is now a fairly complete integration,” he says.

“People have learned that PDF integration is a project each time to link the workflow and MIS together. The sharing of a job number is simple. It becomes more challenging when you ask whether the PDF is generated from the MIS or from the prepress workflow.”

This is without sitting down to understand the possible impositions and whether calculating the imposition is a prepress problem of MIS task. But, says Davies, it has to be done as all printers have to cope with shorter print runs and an increased flow of jobs beyond the capacity of manual operations.

“We have to fit in with how the customer works and their desire to automate some of their work,” he says.

As with Tharstern, Fujifilm has worked on projects with EFI Pace as the MIS. This now provides a two-way end to end integration, feeding details of all prepress activities on job to the MIS to update the scheduling application. It will record both the time spent on a job and the number of plates made for that job, information which is also fed to the MIS.

XMF has integrations with a number of other MIS suppliers, though not the same depth as these. The consolidation in the market and change in strategy from EFI to be more receptive to European customers is raising the value of completing integration projects for Fujifilm, says Davies. “And not all the integrations are using or trying to use JDF, for areas that are beyond the scope of JDF which we can automate though the workflow."

By Gareth Ward

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Tharstern MIS

Tharstern MIS

Tharstern and Fujifilm have collaborated on a number of projects involving a deep integration between the XMF prepress workflow and the MIS. Fujifilm has produced a similar result for EFI, receiving endorsement for work on the Pace MIS.

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