27 January 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

Fuji Xerox unveils top end inkjet web press

The Fuji Xerox 11000 will print on standard offset papers to offset quality, the company promises, but it is only for Asian customers at the moment.

Fuji Xerox has announced a continuous feed inkjet press using the same Samba printheads as fitted to its Jetpress 720 sheetfed inkjet press.

The Fuji Xerox 11000 press is aimed at offset substitution print and uses an ink with the polymerisation compounds included. There is no need for priming as with the sheetfed press. Imaging is at 1200dpi using a new version of the well tested Samba printhead, printing at 80m/min with four droplet sizes.

The ink is continuously circulated to reduce nozzle blockage. A new screening algorithm reduces graininess and streaking. This is monitored by inline inspection systems.

The company says that the quality will enable the press to escape the transactional direct mail space to cover “the world of books and magazines where offset printing is the dominant process”.

The press will print on standard offset stock, though remains untested on European papers. This is not anticipated as problematic. The water based ink includes an image fixing agent which manages the wetting properties and minimising stretch caused by water penetration into the fibres of the paper.

The Jetpress applies a coating to the paper ahead of the printhead arrays to promote rapid coagulation of the ink. The speed of continuous feed printing provides less time for this. Other manufacturers continue to use a priming fluid, though the more recent introductions aiming at offset substitution, the Screen TPJ520 HD, Ricoh Pro VC70000 and Canon ProStream are using inks that include binding agents in their formulation.

The inkjet press uses a twin drying system. The web passes to a large circumference heated drum followed by an optional infrared section. This will reduce any tendency towards cockling of the paper, the company says.

The 11000 will be launched in Japan initially and will not be at the Hunkeler Innovation Days. Under normal circumstances a Fuji Xerox developed product, like the Iridesse for example, become available in Europe and the Americas a year or so later. This would indicate a launch at Drupa.

However the relationship with Xerox complicates the issue, not least because Xerox has its own inkjet web aspirations with the Trivor 2400. Fuji has previously introduced the 540W inkjet web press into Europe, though without great success.

The 11000 is a much larger machine, thanks to the large drum drying unit, and will address a much larger segment of the market. It also includes feedback from the real world experience of the sheetfed machine. Further experience in the Asian markets covered by Fuji Xerox will mean that it is a much more mature product when becoming available in the rest of the world.

By Gareth Ward

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Fuji Xerox is introducing an inkjet press that will replace the 540W continues feed machine which failed to achieve the penetration the company hoped for. The new machine, available only in Asia as yet, aims to deliver offset quality.

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