23 October 2016 Finishing

Friedheim fills folder gluer gap with Duran Machinery line up

Friedheim International has secured representation for the respected Duran Omega folder gluers for both cartons and corrugated.

Friedheim International has become UK distributor for Duran Machinery Omega folder gluers, filling a gap in its range left by the departure of Vega.

Duran produces a wide choice of folder gluers under the Omega name, including in the Intro machines. This is ideal for commercial printers who want to move into packaging work. “They will be looking for a machine that can do the basic functions at an entry level price,” says Friedheim finishing specialist Roger Cartwright. “The Intro is designed for the crossover market.

At Drupa the company added the Intro 80 and Intro 145 to join the Intro 110 and meet demand for a smaller and larger format machine from converters wanting the extra formats.

“Duran makes a solid value for money machine that people like. Side frames are heavy steel, automation is available to cut makereadies and there are options at the delivery for taking off the finished carton,” says Cartwright.

“The Allpro is the central machine and that comes in eight sizes. At the same time Duran is willing to take on bespoke projects where something extra is needed.”

The company will also offer the Magnus, a machine suited to corrugated box making as well as carton lines waited to different formats and production speeds.

Duran is a family owned Turkish manufacturer that began to design and build its own equipment after becoming dissatisfied with machines that were available commercially. These have been refined constantly and features like Braille wheels are offered as is automation via servo motors to drive adjustments.

There are around 25 existing machines in the UK, says Cartwright, and he has been around there. “We have had a really good reaction so far,” he says. These machines were sold by John Twigg, who had handled Bobst for this country in the days of Oscar Friedheim. He will be taken on by Friedheim to ensure a smooth transition.

He has recognised that growth in the user base makes it difficult to meet Duran’s expectations as a small dealer. He had been selling two or three machines a year. Friedheim plans to increase that. “Everybody knows the name, even if they are not familiar with the machines,” Cartwright adds. “And people with existing Duran machines are starting to ask about additional lines.”

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Omega Intro 110

Omega Intro 110

The Intro 110 was one of the new machines that Duran introduced at Drupa to meet demand for an easy to use machine capable of handling B1 sheets, the cross over market from commercial printing into carton production.

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