09 February 2020 Print Companies

Friedheim delivers Palamides that will deliver for ECM

ECM Print Finishers is looking forward to running its stitchers flat out, thanks to investment in the latest Palamides strapping stacker.

ECM Print Finishers is taking delivery of a Palamides Delta Pro 703 stacking delivery to improve efficiency at the trade finisher. It will be the first in the UK with the ability to handle small stacks.

The company is one of the largest trade finishers in Lancashire with five MBO folders, two Muller Martini stitching lines, the largest collator in the north west with 28 stations and wire binding. The Palamides investment will help on its stitching lines and folders, enabling machines to run faster, improve quality control and allow the business to take on more work.

Joint partner Simon Wilson says: “Simply put, the Palamides gives us extra capacity. It will mean many jobs that currently require two members of staff to complete can now be done by one person, thus freeing up staff to take on other work.

“We wanted to take on more paper banding and small pack work and we have lined up a host of new work ahead of the installation.”

The company installed its high speed Primera MC stitching line five years ago and had looked at adding a Palamides then. “We have some jobs where we have been restricted on speed, because the person at the end of the delivery can only handle so much,” he says. “Now we don’t have to slow down and one person at the delivery can cope.”

The company is asked to band jobs in 20s, which has been a challenge and can deliver three up from the folder. “This Palamides can cope with the small products which the older ones couldn’t. People are asking for paper banding rather than using elastic bands which can pose a risk that paper doesn’t.”

The unit will arrive at the end of the month in time for a new job which will play to its strengths in banding small quantities. “This month we had to hire a table top bander and we struggled to cope. When we take in the job next time we will have the Palamides,” says Wilson.

It continues a strategy of buying top of the range equipment for the business. It has five MBO folders with different configurations (“all top of the range” Wilson says). All were supplied by Friedheim International. which is also supplying the Palamides.

“We perhaps should have got it when we bought the Muller. So when the new model of Palamides came up, it was the extra capability that sold it for us.”

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Palamides for ECM

Palamides for ECM

ECM Print Finishers has specified the latest Palamides Delta 703 alongside existing investments at the Preston trade finisher. The new device will expand the products that ECM can handle and increase productivity by keeping pace with top speed of folders and stitching lines.

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