12 January 2020 Print Companies

Friedheim delivers MBO and Palamides partnership to speed finishing at Deltor

Cornish sheetfed printer Deltor can keep up with the pace of a new MBO folder thanks to investment in a Palamides stacker.

Deltor has installed an MBO folder with palamides stacker, part of an ongoing investment programme that has included a Komori Lithrone G540 and updates to its Tharstern MIS in the last year.

The new B30 six plate buckle folder runs to a Palamides Delta 703 stacking delivery unit. This has already made major impact on productivity, says managing director Sam Shannon. It has enabled the company’s operators to run the folder at full pace, he says. Previously the company would have to slow down the folder to guarantee that operators could pick up and box folded work.

“We do a lot of seasonal work that can create pinch points for us,” he says, “and the capacity of the folder was being compromised. We want to run the folders faster and we couldn’t do that without a quality stacker.”

The Delta 703 can handle three streams of product, strapping them ready for packing in boxes which is within the scope of operators, regardless of how fast the folder is running. “Now operators are happier to run the folder faster,” he adds.

And they can maintain that speed throughout the shift with less chance of error because fatigue levels are lower. Says Shannon: “When we were doing 2-up folding work, we were losing speed as the operator couldn’t keep up with the machine.

“Ultimately, the new kit gives us higher speed and higher quality, while also reducing the level of fatigue on operators. For us, this means our operators are fresher and happier to run the kit faster; we’ve got more speed as the operator has more time.”

The company focuses on B1 work using both the new Komori and a ten colour long perfecting Roland 700. This remains a highly credible way of printing long run section work and leaflets. “It just purrs away,” says Shannon.

The Komori, with inline coater, accounts for the shorter runs, though still well above run lengths suited to digital print.

The new folder is the company’s second MBO B30 and joins a K8 high speed combination folder which handles the longer run section work. This was installed two years ago. There is also a smaller format MBO T series and Morgana folder for work printed on its Ricoh digital presses.

The company has updated its Tharstern MIS, but this did not include delivering JDF for the setting up of folders. As Deltor has a focus on medium to long runs, once set up folders can be running the same job for 12 hours. A few minutes improvement to makeready on the folders would not be justified, he explains.

Both folder and stacker came from Friedheim International. “Friedheim has real strength in knowledge,” Shannon says. “They are also have knowledge of our business in terms of what we are trying to achieve and what products were the right fit for us.”

By Gareth Ward

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Palmides at Deltor

Palmides at Deltor

The addition of a palamides stacker to a new MBO folder at Deltor allows the department to run the folder at full speed, confident that the palamides will be able to cope regardless of the product format.

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