13 October 2019 Finishing

Friedheim brings new MBO T50 folder to UK

MBO has introduced the B2 T50 folder at its open house along to strong interest along with a first use of robot handling.

MBO has replaced the two models of T535 buckle folder with the T50, which is customisable to suit the customer specifications.

Previously, customers had to choose between a the T535 Efficiency model and the T535 Perfection specification, one with high levels of automation, the other with a largely manual set up.

“The T50 is designed so that a customer can pick the levels of automation that you want,” says Friedheim’s post press sales manager Stuart Bamford. “If you only want automatic roller setting on unit two, that is now possible.” This means that users pay only for the features that are needed.

MBO has also replaced the former control system with the M1 Control unit which is used on the larger models in MBO’s range and which runs on the latest Windows platform, uses touch panel interface and integrates with MIS through the MBO Datamanager 4.0.

The new model includes as standard sheet alignment for the second unit and cone rollers instead of a conventional ball bar for mark free folding. The folder, handling a maximum 530x840mm sheet, can work with a flat pile or round pile feeder. It can be specified with four or six plates in the two fold units.

The order book is open for deliveries in the new year. The folder was introduced at the recent MBO open house where the company also demonstrated the CoBo Stack, a robotic arm designed to load folded sections on to a pallet. “It replaces an operator and allows the folder to run faster because the robot will work at the higher pace and allow the folder to work without constant supervision,” says Bamford.

“One operator can sit between two folders equipped within technology ensure that the pallet for the feeder is replaced when necessary.”

The unit needs the Palamides Alpha Plus wrapper to bundle sections for the folder to pick up from a delivery table at a rate of up to 300 stacks an hour. It can load pallets on either side for continuous operation. The robot cannot cope with a shingle feed.

It is a designated collaborative robot, intended to work alongside a human operator, so it does not need to operate behind a protective cage.

There was keen UK interest at the open house says Bamford. First installations are expected in Q1 next year.

By Gareth Ward

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CoBo Stack for folded sections

CoBo Stack for folded sections

There is UK interest in the CoBo Stack from MBO says Stuart Bamford. It will cut the need for operators to load pallets after folding and allow folders to run faster thanks to robot loading.

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