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Foiled finish is a touch of class

Eazyprint has invested in finishing technology and skills and it is paying off in the book world.

Eazyprint has emerged as a book printer capable of handling case bound and ribboned tomes that line the shelves of the legal profession or a professor’s study as well as more mundane publications.

But also in the quantities needed. “If a customer wants just five copies, they can have five,” says managing director Jan Pretot.

Eazyprint has always been a digital print company, starting by producing CDs for games and software and growing to add manuals and packaging for these customers. The first software companies it worked with were supplying applications on 51/4in floppy disks.

“Now we are printing more and more books, many for people that are self publishing. It has been an incredible increase over the last 18 months or two years. I can’t quite believe the rate is growing,” she says.

This growth means that a decision taken two years ago to develop a set of distinct, if not unique, capabilities is paying off. This has also protected the Kettering business from aggressive price-led competition.

Eazyprint installed a GMP Q-Topic 380 laminator two years ago with a foiling attachment to offer digital foils by printing a black image on top of the laminate and pressing the foil against the image softened in a second pass through the laminator to release the adhesive and fix it in place.

“In the two years we have developed some pretty amazing products, most of which are linked to books or a version of books, perhaps as a marketing piece for a client which will have a bigger impact than a standard brochure,” she says.

This has included investment for foiling and case making and other value add techniques that the company has found are in demand for high value books. This is not about high volume trade books, but the sorts of academic and professional publication where paper continues to score over digital.

It has led to negotiations with two global scale publishers where the appeal of a print on demand model, while retaining the case bound look and feel of a traditionally produced book, is equally in demand.

It has also recently produced what she calls quite a big order for a Far East travel company which comprised perfect bound book-style brochures using the same foiling techniques that it offers on case bound books.

It is not all this style. The company will produce loose leaf books, presentation boxes and other marketing pieces that can be printed on its Konica Minolta presses. It is the finishing that has proved critical for the evolution of the business.

“Having our own finishing keeps costs and quality under control,” says Pretot. “Having finishing in-house has proved to be a real USP., including our own case binding.”

Combining the finishing skills can result in some spectacular effects that have impressed the legal and academic publishers it has provided samples to. “Both are saying that there is nobody else that can do what we are doing,” says Pretot.

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Eazyprint Q-Topic 380 laminator

Eazyprint Q-Topic 380 laminator

Eazyprint installed a Q-Topic 380 laminator two years ago that has allowed them to perform new techniques in foiled finishes.

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