30 September 2018 Finishing

Foilco aims to educate brands that the impact of foil is not negative to the environment

The foil specialist has commissioned a set of cards to get the new environmental statement about decorative foil across in a playful way.

Foilco is launching its new environmental policy at Luxe Pack in Monaco today. The campaign, using six foiled cards on Fenner Papers Redeem 100% recycled material, aims to correct misconceptions about the use of foil and how foil waste should be handled.

StudioDBD was commissioned to create a memorable design and so get the message about the impact of foil across to designers. With foil increasingly popular for high end brands, the choice of Luxe Pack to kick off the campaign was deemed apt.

“The six cards, foiled on the front and the reverse contain a mix of humorous and sentimental messages which will resonate closely with brands and creatives. The idea of the messages on the front is to draw attention to the cards and encourage the recipient to pick them up and turn them over,” says Foilco marketing manager Jamie Evans.

“We looked for a hook for each of the subjects on the cards reverse and feel we’ve managed to achieve this by using a distinctly playful tone to create interest. We follow this caption to the reverse of the card, where further information can be found and the recipient will hopefully learn a little more about our company’s position and stance on that particular subject matter.”

The cards were printed by Pressision Creative Print and Finishing in Leeds, with Dreyer Cliché in Copenhagen providing the dies. The cards are presented in a tear strip wallet also containing the We are Foilco environmental statement.

Designer Dave Sedgwick of StudioDBD adds: "We sit down and discuss the aims together and after some debate we always agree to push the boundaries a little. With this campaign it was obvious that there is already a lot of material out there from companies wishing to shout about how they are environmentally friendly and do their bit. It’s all rather dull and repetitive. So we went for less ‘children running through fields of corn’ and more bold, graphic and impactful design.

“When you start to see the type and illustrations foiled onto grey board it really comes to life. Hopefully the messages draw people in to read more, because the content is still very important and relevant. What Foilco are doing is really forward thinking.”

Gareth Ward

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Foiling campaign

Foiling campaign

Foilco has taken a fresh approach it believes in stating the environmental credentials of its foils, launching in Monaco at Luxe Pack 2018.

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