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FlyerAlarm plans foothold in the UK

German online giant FlyerAlarm is tailoring its offer for UK buyers and that includes being able to produce in this country.

FlyerAlarm is expanding its service offering to the UK by including what it calls a “traditional bespoke printing solution to our UK customers.”

This is not a project led sell but about offering products which are not advertised on the company’s website where production is all about delivering standardised products on a limited choice of papers that can be ganged up and produced in the most effective way.

For FlyerAlarm, bespoke means something that falls outside the immediate scope of online ordering explains key account manager Mark Folkard. “If a product is being offered through the website on a 150gsm paper, and somebody wanted it on 170gsm, that’s a bespoke product because it’s not covered in the online ordering system. Though if we get enough requests for that type of paper we would consider adding it to the online offering as one of the 50 new products a month that join the website.”

More importantly the German company is considering UK based production. Folkard explains: “We are already starting to produce a few standard products within the UK which over the coming months will increase and in the longer term we will be looking to develop a production hub offering bespoke non standard digital, litho and wide format products that can be quoted ordered and produced in a manner that the UK buyers are comfortable with.”

In the first instance this will be through a partnership with a UK printer to offer the bespoke products the UK market requires while directing as much work as possible to the eight German production sites. “We understand that the UK likes to work in a more traditional way and we are trying to sit down with people to understand what that means,” he says.

There is already work underway on cutting turnaround time for work coming into the UK which will bring results in the coming weeks and months the company says. It will also be increasing the account management team to cope with both bespoke and online ordering.

In the longer term the German business may end up with its own UK production facilities. Its history shows that FlyerAlarm strikes partnership deals with third-party producers and then, all being well, will make an acquisition. This is not in the immediate plans says Folkard, but nor is it ruled out.

By Gareth Ward

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FlyerAlarm Germany

FlyerAlarm Germany

FLyerAlarm will produce standard products in Germany where it can extract maximum efficiencies but for bespoke, off the menu products, it intends to use UK facilities.

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