24 June 2018 Business

FlyerAlarm lays plans for UK presence

Germany's largest online printer is preparing for growth in the UK, looking for the key personnel to expand in Europe's second market for print.

FlyerAlarm is recruiting a business development manager to head its team in the UK together with a key account manager to expand its UK operation. It wants the two in place ahead before the busy autumn season in the run up to the end of the year.

The recruits and a new team will be based in a new central London office as the privately owned German company rekindles its interest in the UK. “We want someone who understands the UK print market who is a business development manager, but who can also act in a country manager role and can develop the market,” says Divyesh Chotai, international sales manager.

This is a gap that FlyerAlarm has had since the departure of Keith Hanson for personal reasons 12 months ago. Since then the company has continued to invest in production equipment and to expand the product portfolio. This has included a growing range of promotional goods and large format textiles and into apparel through direct to garment printing.

“These are areas where we are becoming quite strong,” he says. “We continue to produce everything in house. That way we keep control of the quality and service and remain more flexible in production."

Almost all production is based in Germany across a number of different sites. There is a small digital print capability at a FlyerAlarm store in Paris. There are also a number of stores in Germany. Nothing like this is planned for London, at least not in the immediate future.

All production will be located in Germany, says Chotai. “But the customer interface will take place from London.

“The first step for the UK is increasing brand awareness and letting people now what we can do, that we have the biggest product portfolio and that it is all produced in house.”

Gareth Ward

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FlyerAlarm had more products in its catalogue than any other online printer it says, and all are produced in house. Now it is planning to grow its UK operation with a business development manager to open up the UK market.

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