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FlyerAlarm finds its man for the UK

Luke Stoneham has been recruited to run the UK sales operation for German online print giant FlyerAlarm.

Luke Stoneham has joined FlyerAlarm as the lead executive for the UK, filling a gap that has existed for the last year.

Stoneham has been instrumental in setting up the Print Show, where he first came into contact with FlyerAlarm and Divyesh Chotai, its international sales director. When FlyerAlarm began looking to fill the gap this summer, Stoneham was approached.

“I am now key account manager for the UK,” he says, speaking at the end of a week-long bedding in session in Germany. “My aim is to expand the UK market and really start educating the UK market about what FlyerAlarm can offer.” and that, he explains, is the largest spread of printed marketing related products available in Europe and supplied by a business with nine sites in Germany and sales of €340 million.

“More importantly for the UK we have more than 1,000 products available for next day delivery,” he says. “I have been knocked out by the professionalism here. I know I will get the back up and support that I need to make this work in the UK.”

FlyerAlarm remains convinced of the opportunity in the UK market despite recent statements from rival Saxoprint of tough times for online printing in this country, owing to Brexit negotiations and their uncertain outcome.

Stoneham will be on the move, meeting clients and rekindling relationships that have perhaps been left to lie fallow. FlyerAlarm has a UK office in London for further level of local support. But it is not about special deals for the UK market. “Ultimately we are looking to deliver the same platform that works for FlyerAlarm across Europe,” Stoneham says. “The UK is still a very buoyant market and there will be new things and ideas I can bring to them with more products in the portfolio than probably anyone else.”

The first of these will be rolled out in coming months he says. “We plan to really establish ourselves in the UK,” he says, “slowly but surely.”

Gareth Ward

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Luke Stoneham has filled the vacant position leading FlyerAlarm in the UK as account manager. It represents a new push for the German online printer in this country with a proposal of offering more products than any of its rivals.

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