27 August 2018 Print Companies

Flexpress plans online stake

Flexpress completes line up to become the online trade printer with a little extra.

Flexpress is joining the cohort of online printers having rounded up investment in print technology with installation of a Horizon StitchLiner 5500.

But the Leicester company is going to be taking on the giants with lowest cost production of business cards and simple flyers – though the company will be competitive, says managing director Steve Wenlock. Instead the aim is to combine automated workflows for simple products with customer service to help ensure that projects are produced correctly.

“Even where something has been passed by Switch and Pitstop, we have picked up something else that needs correcting,” he says. “We want to offer what others do not.”

The roll out of the online service began last year with investment in a Duplo DuSense, continued with the installation of an HP Indigo 12000 in February and has been rounded out by the StitchLiner. This means the company has two booklet makers to ensure there is redundancy should one break down as well as providing capacity that Wenlock anticipates will be needed.

“If things go to plan we are looking to grow significantly over the next 18 months and the StitchLiner will help us to do that,” he says.

The new look business is taking a stand at the Print Show next month where it will have a Raiders of the Lost Art theme helping to guide customers through the labyrinth of buying print online from a trade supplier. The spot varnish, gloss, matt and textured effects from the DuSense, added to the service will provide a niche for Flexpress, not as the least expensive supplier, but as the most helpful.

“You can automate up to a point, but most jobs take a little more effort and not everybody else cares,” Wenlock says. “We always try to sell the ROI of what we do. We try to demonstrate that by trying to do something different, like adding a texture, a different shape or metallic effect, our customers can offer something different which will work for their clients.”

As well as the new StitchLiner, the business runs Horizon folders and BQ270 single-clamp binder. Alongside the B2 digital press, it runs an RMGT 9 and Ryobi 520, both LED UV presses.

Gareth Ward

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Steve Wenlock

Steve Wenlock

Flexpress has returned to Horizon for its latest stitching machine, a StitchLiner 5500. This is a key part of the company's strategic push into online trade finisher where managing director Steve Wenlock says the stance is not to compete on price but to offer unmatched service and help.

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