02 February 2020 Print Companies

Flexpress applies raised foil through latest Duplo Digifoil

Duplo is extending the value added technology it offers with Digifoil, for applying coloured foils to a raised varnish image.

Duplo International is adding a foiling option to its DuSense sensory coating machine, and has installed the first example at Flexpress in Leicester.

The company will be unveiling the DuSense Digifoil at Packaging Innovations at the NEC later this month. The Digifoil applies a foil to the varnish layer applied by the DuSense. This can include personalisation.

Flexpress is starting to market the additional functionality of raised foil effects. It can offer gold, silver, bronze, red, green and blue.

The DuSense itself, a B3 format enhancement device, comes to the show with a modified cost base to lower the cost of ownership and to stifle competitive space for rival machines, the MGI One included.

At the same event Duplo will introduce the PFI Blade digital cutting table. This has been designed in the UK and manufactured in China, to meet a perceived demand for short run packaging. The PFI Blade will cut and crease in the same machine. In combination with the DuSense and Digifoil, Duplo has a package that will suit short run carton production.

This includes “packaging companies who are looking at very short runs or even same sets to bid for lucrative jobs,” says product manager Andy Cuff. “But it is also for our customers who want to be a differentiator in the finishing business.

“As a package this is a much better solution than if we were selling the Blade on its own. We have had a lot of interest all three machines, but together the workflow will be unbeatable.” Pricing will be competitive.

The PFI Blade can include three tools in the cutting head for cutting and creating creases. It will cope with boards and substrates to 1.3mm thick. Duplo has applied its own software to the core table and cutting machine to provide an edge over similar systems coming to market.

“This is our first dedicated packaging machine,” says Cuff, who says the machine has been tested with users. "We were surprised at the versatility of the machine and the sheer number of different applications we can create and push to industries where many products can be applied to. The quality of the products, even when we first started testing, were impressive. The more applications we designed, the more our designers thought of new and exciting ones.”

By Gareth Ward

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Steve Wenlock

Steve Wenlock

Flexpress, the first UK printer to install the Duplo DuSense, has now partnered this with the first Digifoil in the UK. It literally adds an extra dimension to foiling at the company.

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