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Fast food spurs investment in ten-colour perfector

John Price Printers has bought a ten-colour Komori to cope with sales growth and as parent company Giro Foods looks to grow its packaged food arm

JOHN PRICE PRINTERS, BIRMINGHAM, HAS installed a ten-colour Lithrone S1029 perfector. This is a huge jump for the company which has previously run only straight machines.

Indeed the new press replaces a five colour LS29 and will run alongside a four-colour and a five-colour plus coater LS29 which was installed in 2010 shortly after John Price was acquired by Giro Group, a business which supplies the UK’s ethnic restaurants with spices and other consumables.

GIRO GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR JAVED SANWAR says: “Since the installation of the five-colour Lithrone S29 in 2010, we’ve added more work and now we want to turn that round faster, more competitively and increase capacity to expand the business further into the longer runs and higher pagination market.”

While there is synergy between the catering supply business and print, John Price is a standalone business with its own sales force and customer base. It has been the increasing success of the sales force, boosted by two recruits in the last 18 months, that has prompted the expansion. The company has also been able to grow existing customers and has opened up design and print management business.

SARWAR SAYS: “ONE OF OUR KEY AIMS WITH the B2 perfector is to compete with B1 without moving up to that size. As long as the format fits the B2 sheet, we feel that with the new press we can be competitive on runs up to 200,000.”

The first job on was a 100pp magazine which with was completed in less than half the time previously. “Quite simply it has already proved that print jobs can be turned round faster for the ever more demanding ‘just in time’ print market,” he adds.

PART OF THE IMPACT WILL BE TO CREATE MORE space on the existing presses which can be devoted to new areas. Giro wants to develop its Winflo range of packaged foods for the fast food market and the straight machines will be ideal for this.

Sarwar explains: “The new press will release the straight five-colour Lithrone, which is currently running 24/6, and will provide capacity for this machine to print new packaging work for Giro. We know the Lithrones handle packaging excellently and there are several specialist finishing houses we can use to complete the carton work we print. We could bring that finishing in-house if we find that this side of our businesses grow, and we expect they will, especially as we envisage that increased awareness of its recycling benefits are likely to sustain, possibly increase, the use of carton board in the packaging market.”

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Javed Sarwar says the new press allows the company to compete with B1 work

Javed Sarwar says the new press allows the company to compete with B1 work