14 June 2015 Digital Printing Technologies

FE Burman builds a future on HP B2 digital press

South East London printer FE Burman is the latest UK company to bring in the larger format Indigo 10000.

FE Burman has taken delivery of an HP Indigo 10000 directly from the display at the DScoop event in Dublin. It was one of two at the user congress, with the other heading to Proco.

The Burman machine sits alongside conventional and direct image Karat presses in the south east London printer. It fulfils a long held plan, says chairman Mike Burman. “We have always had the intention to try and have a larger format digital press, which is why we had the Karats which allow us to do short runs,” he says. “We came close to buying the 10000 a couple of years ago, but decided then not to get the press.”

Given the initial bedding in issues the press faced this proved to be the right decision, says Burman. “Then three or four months ago we went to Barcelona. It looks like a real printing press now.”

The company will position the press to establish its own place in the market, rather than migrate work from either its existing Indigo 7600 presses or the litho machines. “We want it to create business of its own,” he says.

That will involve collaborating with clients in order to find answers to marketing and communications problems. “We want to be the go-to place for communication. But in order to do that we need to be part of the discussion with the people that want to communicate.

“We have to accept that print is part of the communication spectrum and that print needs to be part of that choice and we have to be part of the decision-making process to influence that choice. If we act as printers, it limits our role in that conversation. The Indigo 10000 feeds into that.”

Immediately the company will be able to produce 6pp products, folders and in quantities that were no possible previously. “People do not necessarily want 1,000 folders, they want 100. So that opens an opportunity,” Burman adds.

As the company is B2 with litho printing, there is no need to invest in finishing equipment. A Horizon Stitchliner was installed last year with bar code reading to manage variable content products.

“We believe that the 10000 is going to move us forwards as a business in the same way that the Indigo 7000s did and will take us to a new level.”

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Mike Burman

Mike Burman

Mike Burman says that the company looked at the Indigo 10000 two years ago but decided against the investment then. Now the machine looks like a true printing press he says and installation is underway.

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