12 July 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

Extra colours advantage for Xerox Versant

Xerox is bringing metallic and other high impact colours to the highly successful digital press to broaden the base of printers able to offer gold and silver printing.

Xerox is expanding the capabilities of its Versant 180 to enable it to print up to 11 colours, including fluorescent and metallic toners, though not in a single pass.

The Adaptive CMYK+ kits offer gold, silver, clear and white in one amendment, and fluorescent cyan, yellow and magenta in the other. In both, the standard CMYK colours are supplemented by the additional colours.

The new kit is built on the same concept as the C60/C70 Multiverse Plus that was introduced last year. When printing with the additional colours, the existing toners and developer cartridges are replaced by the extra colours loaded via a special rack. The C60 engine has been retired to be replaced by the PrimeLink C which continues to come with the option of the Adaptive kit.

The Versant however, offers greater scope than the entry level machine which has been aimed at the studio market. The Versant is described as a light production machine. It is rated at 80ppm, and the Performance Plus package will print at that speed on 350gsm materials. It is targeting users with 80,000 pages a month volumes and can print a 660mm long sheet. Above this, Xerox offers additional colour printing through its iGen5 and Iridesse models as its production digital flagship presses.

The Versant suits customers that want to start to tackle the added value segment of the market – one that, unlike most in print, is tipped to grow – but who cannot justify the investment necessary for a Xerox Iridesse. The Iridesse offers six-colour printing inline and a monthly volume of up to 475,000 impressions. It will also print on a sheet to 1200mm maximum in length and on stock up to 400gsm. Iridesse includes white, gold, silver and clear toner enhancements currently, using up to six toner slots on the press.

The Versant 180 is a best in class machine with hundreds of installations, all of which can be upgraded with the Adaptive+ kit. It opens the way to a host of new applications: printing white or gold on coloured papers for extra impact for social stationery or envelopes. Users will also be able to print CMYK on top of white or metallic, opening for a range of effects that have previously been out of the reach of smaller printers.

“Printers will be able to mix and match effects from the 11 possible colours,” says Xerox UK marketing manager Kevin O’Donnell. “We have workflows that provide hands on help on how to design for this versatility and how to manage production workflows. It enables printers to differentiate themselves.”

The market for digital enhancements in print is reckoned at $25 billion worldwide, usually requiring investment in a new press to address. Quoting research by Keypoint Intelligence, Xerox reckons that profit margins where enhancement is involved can be 50-500% greater than for four colour only printing.

Marybeth Gilbert, vice president and general manager, production business, Xerox, says: “The Versant kit further expands Xerox’s market leading Beyond CMYK portfolio, providing our customers opportunity for digital print enhancements from large volume print shop, to light production and into the office space.”

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Xerox has developed an Adavantage kit to expand the possibilities of the Versant 180 to be able to print 11 different colours, adding clear, white, metallics and fluorescents to the four core colours.

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