31 March 2014 Printing/Print Company Profiles

Epic decision brings Scodix to Dorset

Epic Printing Services aims to bring additional value to designer clients through the effects Scodix delivers.

Epic Printing Services, Dorchester, will take delivery of a Scodix S75 in the next two weeks, paving the way for the company to grow its quality print business through an ability to enhance both litho and digital print.

However the company has already begun to market what it calls Print HiLite through a book of samples, one half of the spread printed without the Scodix clear resin, the other half with the resin used as a spot varnish, to add texture and to make colours more vibrant. The company works with retail and cosmetics customers.

Says managing director Mark Downey: “This is something we have been looking for. We saw it in October and already it has had an impact. There was a phone call from a marketing director who wants to come and visit our factory and another visit which was supposed to last ten minutes, but we were still there an hour-and-a-half later. I have been in the industry for 25 years and it’s been a long time since I have been able to sit in front of a customer like this.”

Downey’s sample book joined a host of others on the Scodix stand at Ipex among which was a paperback where the effect of the differing levels of print that are possible results in a beaten silver page, like that on an old Bible, beyond the capability of embossing dies.

Downey had visited the Scodix factory in Israel to see what was possible before signing the order. The press offers highly accurate registration for the inkjet delivered resin. This can be laid as a clear spot varnish which makes colours much more vibrant as the resin concentrates the light. It can be used at different heights and different screen rulings to deliver textured effects. It can be used to print Braille. “This delivers print that is so engaging,” he says. “People will not want to with a spot colour orange when we can make that stand out with CMYK and the resin.”

Foil effects are also possible and displayed within the sample book. A second edition will be produced once Scodix deliver gold and silver resins. However, Downey points out that the Scodix is suited only to short runs. “As an industry we have commoditised the value out of print and so we need tools to ramp that back up,” he says. “This is a special industry, it’s a special process. This is the future.”

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Epic buys Scodix

Epic buys Scodix

Dror Danai, Scodix, with Mark Downey and Jon Forman from Epic Printing Services.

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