22 March 2020 Print Companies

Eight Days switches for Xerox inkjet

Nottingham printer is the latest with the Xerox Baltoro inkjet press, the two-page cut sheet press that is already a success.

Eight Days a Week has switched from four colour toner to four colour inkjet with the installation of a Xerox Baltoro cut sheet inkjet press.

It replaces a Xerox iGen 4 Diamond edition which was capable of printing a long sheet. “But the vast majority of our work is SRA3 or A4,” says Lance Hill, who joined the Nottingham company as managing director in September last year. And while the Baltoro is capable of printing on standard offset stocks, the main attraction is the different pricing structure and cost base the inkjet press has.

“I saw the Baltoro at a Xerox event in October and once I had seen what the machine could do, we started getting into the numbers and it was a no brainer,” says Hill.

Before joining the business, the company had been heading towards a continuous feed Xerox Trivor press. This would have involved considerable disruption, if only in terms of finishing from the reel. “That is a more hungry animal while we are a short to medium run printer for the fast turnaround market,” says Hill.

Eight Days a Week is a Xerox house with Versant and Nuvera for mono work alongside the new flagship machine. Training will be underway this week.

The inkjet press will take the lower coverage work and, Hill hopes, will enable the company to bring back in house some of the work that had been outsourced, including around 20% of the B2 litho work that it has bought in.

“The quality is good for us and it gives us more firepower in terms of the speed, so allows us to do higher volume jobs,” he says. Jobs that require high colour coverage will be printed on the Versant. The Nuvera will be used to overprint bought in colour jobs.

It will be pressed into action as soon as possible. “We are bursting at the seams,” Hill says, despite the challenge posed by Covid-19. Some of its retail clients have withdrawn work and the job that Hill was looking forward to for the Chelsea Flower Show, is no more. It also prints for a key pharmaceutical company, producing information leaflets for doctors rather than work for patients.

The new machine is a drop in for the press that is being removed. The cut sheet inkjet press shares the paper handling with the iGen and has virtually the same footprint. The company’s other option for a two-page cutsheet inkjet press is the Canon VP 300i, but that is a much larger and much heavier machine, so would not be accommodated in the Eight Days a Week building.

“Xerox is very much ahead of the curve with this press in terms of quality of output, which is superb.”

There is still a need to select papers carefully, he adds.

The next step will be to look at finishing options, though because this is a switch from one machine to another with the same format there is no urgency and existing machinery can be used.

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Training begins this week.

Training begins this week.

Eight Days a Week is the latest member of a fast growing Baltoro users community in the UK. It replaces an iGen, offering higher production and paving the way for the printer to win work that has been beyond its reach.

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