10 December 2017 xDigital Printing Technologies

EFI begins to sharpen large format display printers

The Pro 24F entry level wide format printer is the start of EFI's program of new print engines for the somewhat neglected graphics and commercial print sector.

EFI has announced availability for its newest flatbed inkjet printer, the Pro 24F, but details of pricing remain elusive.

The machine was announced in the US at the SGIA Expo and joins a number of machines at the entry level of flatbed printing. It uses 1200dpi print heads to print CMYK plus two white channels on a 1.2x2.4m wide bed, delivering 27m2/hr in production mode. In ultra high quality mode this drops to 7m2/hr and rises to 107m2/hr in express mode, using the largest of the four droplet size options. It will print rigid materials to 50mm deep.

The supplier has installed a machine at the inkjet demo centre in Brussels, but has not as yet been tested by EFI distributor CMYUK which continues to ratchet up installations of the larger EFI printers.

The new machine is entirely dependent on LED UV systems for curing the inks opening opportunities in thinner, heat sensitive materials. It has an EFI Fiery ProServer Core Rip built in.

The introduction addresses one of the issues that the company identified in its Q3 financial results. At that point EFI admitted that its fleet of graphics arts printers had become mature and were being overtaken by newer printers from other suppliers. The company promised to address the issue and while the Pro 24F is not a direct result of that admission, it is part of the drive to rekindle the company’s innovative approach.

The lifting of the foot from the pedal had led to the sale of the EFI Jetrion label printing business while the company concentrated on developments in the faster growing corrugated packaging and textile businesses. It has also suffered from ageing platforms on the ceramics sector.

EFI says that the Pro 24F will be suited to a wide range of applications from high quality posters, through exhibition graphics, signage, promotional items, front and backlit displays.

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New flatbed

New flatbed

EFI has installed the first of the new entry level Pro 24f flatbed UV LED printers at a customer in the US. It has also installed machines in the European demo centre as the roll out of the machine gathers pace.

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