23 April 2020 Finishing

Duplo presents more power at entry level

The DC 618 will build on the success of the DC 616, its popular entry level light production printer, with extra speed, extra options and extra versatility.

Duplo International is launching an entry light production level multi finisher. It will replace its successful DC616, which was introduced six years ago.

In response to customer feedback the DC618 is faster, more powerful and more versatile than the previous model. When delivering business cards from ten printed sheets with 15 cards on each, the old unit took three and a half minutes. The same job on the DC 618 takes 90 seconds. It will deliver 190 business cards from a 21 up sheet in one minute.

The DC618 will process jobs with up to six slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in the same pass, with set up dictated from information accessed via a printed barcode to identify the job. A scanner will pick up a printed register mark. The PC controller will hold 50 jobs in memory. It will handle sheets from 110-400gsm. An optional tray will enable long sheets to be fed.

Operation is through a touch panel with a PC used for setting up a job using a graphical interface that will be familiar to anyone with Windows experience.

Duplo says the unit will process sheets at a maximum rate of 23 sheets a minute, dependent on the complexity of the job. The range of work spans the typical profile of commercial print, particularly digital work: business cards, invitations, greetings cards, brochures, book covers, direct mailers and more.

There is a greater range of possibilities over the DC616 thanks to optional modules for perforating and for cross scoring. And there is a digital controller to link the DC618 into a production network. In theory, operation can be via a mobile phone in the middle of the night.

A more likely modus operandi is as part of a production cell, matching the multi finisher with the new Ricoh Pro C5300 entry level production printer for ‘while you wait’ production of short run jobs with a single operator handling both devices, adhering to social distancing rules.

Duplo is not publishing a price for the new machine though it will be more expensive than the first generation machine which is more than balanced by the extra power and flexibility of the device. First delivery to Duplo’s premises in Addlestone is expected before the end of this month and it will be available to customers almost immediately.

The versatility of the DC618 will compress the gap to the DC646, the next model in the range. An upgrade to this is planned, but is not expected before the end of next year.

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The DC-618 multi finisher combines the ease of use and appeal of the DC-616 as an entry level automated finisher with additional options and extra speed to increase versatility and the range of products that can be delivered.

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