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Duplo opens store for PPE sales

Duplo is starting to supply items of PPE through its own online store, starting with face shields and air purifiers.

Duplo has added personal safety equipment to its Duplo Supplies online store, creating a health section that will surely expand.

The first products to be carried are air purifiers from Ideal, the German company that has supplied Duplo with guillotines, and Renz, which has launched into protective face masks. These are intended for printers to help keep their own staff safe and to offer on to customers.

The air purifiers are effective at removing dust mites, pollen and airborne contagions from the atmosphere using carbon filters to trap any particle above 0.3 microns in size. The three models are designed for different sizes of office with the replaceable filter replaceable after 12 months.

The Renz face masks are certified by European Certification Service in Germany and have been tested as effective against Covid-19 in conjunction with a face mask. Used on its own, the protective shield is not medical equipment.

However, the intention is not to supply to the NHS or professional healthcare sector, but to give them appeal to the wider market which is looking to ensure the safety of staff either working on close proximity to other workers or who come into contacts with members of the public or must meet others, say on service visits.

Renz is selling these direct, through ebay and Amazon as well as through Duplo, meeting demand from outside the industry as well as from printers. It is selling them with a minimum order quantity of 50 units, with Duplo able to sell on in smaller quantities.

“We are selling into the private sector, where employers are worried about ensuring the safety of their staff as they start to come back,” says Renz UK managing director Ian Bullock. A wide range of businesses are looking for this type of product, as evidenced from the reaction to posts on social media, ranging from retail, hairdressers, care homes, into plumbers, painters and others that need to go into uncontrolled environments, and which are the customer base for many small printers.

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Duplo HQ

Duplo HQ

Duplo has added PPE to the normal supply of consumables through its online store, at the point when companies are looking to protect staff returning to work.

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