02 May 2016 Finishing

Duplo looks to combinations to deliver Drupa solutions

Duplo is piecing together different products to create application focused solutions among the new products for Drupa.

Duplo is piecing together different production machines like blogs of Lego to create integrated finishing solutions for Drupa.

Like others in the finishing space it will have inline operations, the PFi Coat 300 system is a UV varnishing unit that will run inline to an HP Indigo 7600 for example.

Alex North, head of commercial at Duplo International, says: “Printers today are increasingly pushed for time and need to find smarter and better ways to drive efficiency and meet their customers’ demands. Duplo’s message for Drupa 2016 is clear: our latest technology will work faster, smarter and better for our customers and help them achieve those goals.”

The prime example will be the iSaddle Pro Duetto combining the ability to feed litho printed sheets from a power collator and digitally printed and collated sheets from a DSF-6000 sheet feeder. Elsewhere the IFS intelligent folder is connected to the DC646i multi finisher to deliver completed folded and creased, mark free products. The 600 PRO bookletmaking system combines the DSF-6000 sheet feeder linked to a DBM booklet maker for higher volume work.

The stand will combine products developed and manufactured by Duplo and sold under the core brand name, and products that have been built to specifications for Duplo International and sold as PFI products. This recalls the name Print Finishing International, the former UK company that began to import Duplo products from Japan and which developed into Duplo International.

One of the new products under the PFI brand is the Di-Cut 300. This is an on demand die cutter able to cut, kiss cut, perforate, score and crease one-off or short run pieces at up to 3,000 sheets an hour. A new registration system is designed to counter the effects of any image drift.

As well as inline and near line opportunities with HP Indigo, there is a 350R Pro booklet maker running inline to a Ricoh Pro C7100 delivering square back products.

The DC series of slitter/cutter/creasers enjoys a range of enhancements to connect them closely to presses and to increase productivity through changes to the feeding system, expanded job memory and PDF template generator for the DC 646i.

Another of these machines is running as a near line integration to an Indigo 7900 and Indigo 10000 using JDF to take job information from the HP SmartStream Production Pro server and set up the finishing device.

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PFI Di-Cut 300

PFI Di-Cut 300

The PFI Di-Cut 300 is new die cutting unit for short run cartons and cards that will receive a launch at Drupa where Duplo plans to show integration of separate items of kit into distinct production systems, multiple feeders for stitching lines, folders and multi finishers and so on.

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