24 November 2019 Print Companies

Double winners for Koenig & Bauer 1814 Production Excellence Award

Each year one customer is celebrated for setting production records using Koenig & Bauer technology. This year the company could not decide between two entries, so made two presentations.

Koenig & Bauer was unable to split entries from DG3/Leycol and Offset Printing and Packaging in deciding this year’s winner of its 814 Production Excellence Award.

Consequently, both the commercial printer and the carton printer were presented with the model of the steam-powered press, built by Mssrs Koenig & Bauer, which was originally installed at the Times of London in 1814 that began the company, and is the fountainhead for all subsequent German press manufacturers.

DG3/Leycol installed a five-colour plus coater Rapida 106 at its plant in Gillingham, Kent, earlier this year. It replaced a long perfecting Speedmaster and joined two remaining Heidelbergs, an eight and 12 colour presses. As an independent, business Leycol had also been a committed Heidelberg house, making the decision to install the Koenig & Bauer, a decisive break with the tradition.

From the three jobs submitted for the award, it has been justified. The first was a three section plus cover job for the Wine Society, known to be fastidious about reproduction of its red brand colour.

The job entailed three text sections on Galerie Silk and a 300gsm cover on Galerie Art amounting to 250,257 brochures. On the previous occasion the job had been run, it had been printing on a 12 colour Speedmaster, taking 15 hours in all. On the Rapida, although printing single sided, the running time was 66% less at 5.16 hours.

The second job was a two section brochure for Just Digital, amounting to 24,822 products printing on Antalis Edition uncoated with a water based coating. The company estimated a four hour production time, but finished the job in just over two hours with start up waste averaging 2.34% a section.

Its third job was a customer information leaflet in English and Welsh, produced on 250gsm Horizon Offset amounting to 249,904 sheets printed in 4.49 hours at a net speed of 17,683 sheets an hour, compared to an estimated run time of 6.5 hours with just 307 shots lost at make ready.

Offset Printing and Packaging had installed its six colour plus coater Rapida 106 in 2017 and submitted two jobs. One was a set of luxury tea cartons on a 450gsm Incada Exel sheet, printed six up and with 18 separate PMS colours, metallics included.

There were 10 make-readies, 19 roller and duct wash ups with four ink unit declutches and an average makeready of 11 minutes with 285 sheets on average lost at makeready, 290% below estimate. The company completed 30,750 good sheets in less than five hours with a running speed 20% faster than estimated.

Its second job was a mail order meal kit on 450gsm Scancote Elegance. It took 16 hours to produce 98,000 sheets with five make-readies, 24 plate changes and 10 wash ups. This was a 39% improvement over the estimated run speed and with a waste level 10% below the estimate at a total of 2.4%.

By Gareth Ward

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Koenig & Bauer named DG3/ Leycol as winner of its 2019 Production Excellence Award, little more than six months after installing its first Rapida 106. It shared the award with another Kent company Offset Printing and Packaging which had installed its press in 2017.

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