20 October 2019 Paper

Denmaur Paper forms specialist digital division

Denmaur Papers is grouping its digital papers into a single portfolio to bring focus on an expanding portfolio for the merchant.

Denmaur Paper has set up Denmaur Digital to focus on papers for the growing digital printing sector.

“We have always had digital products but in the past these have always been part of the standard offering,” says Danny Doogan. “In recent years we have been building the portfolio with items that are more for digital.”

And by offering a focused digital offering the company can approach companies that have a line up of toner or inkjet presses but no offset machinery. Many of the grades stocked had been awarded HP Indigo certification and at the same time, Denmaur had begun to provide the Burgo Evo range for high speed inkjet printing in partnership with the mill.

The existing papers with Indigo certification include Revive Silk, its 100% recycled grade, along with a full choice of other coated papers. It has exclusive distribution for Innovation Digital, an uncoated paper that does not need sapphire treatment for the Indigo. Other papers will include digital versions of papers it supplies for web offset or sheetfed printing. Amadeus Gloss and Silk fall into this category and will allow a publisher to use the standard papers for the bulk of a title and to use the same material for a bespoke or versioned cover, or insert, that is to be printed digitally.

“We found we now have a nice offering to go to the digital print market place, so it makes sense to bring that all together,” says Doogan.

It remains early days but there are signs that this is working. “We have had a few new inquiries from people who would not otherwise have called us, some from companies that are digital only,” he says.

Denmaur anticipates supplying in smaller quantities than it would do normally, and where it can agree beforehand with the customer, it will supply to the specific reel width and sheet dimensions needed, all for next day delivery.

The company will stick with sheets and reels for commercial and publication printing. There is no intention to offer any kind of substrates for large format inkjet printing, nor currently to offer unusual papers for the design agency led market.

“We are targeting a market that we didn’t have previously. Many commercial customers also have digital presses alongside litho machines and there are houses that only have digital presses. This is the next natural progression for us,” he continues.

The logistics would be no different to the supply of litho products, especially where delivering to a company that has both technologies. Where a printer is new to Denmaur, its location will be close to an existing delivery route.

The new Double D arm will not initially have an identifiable head. Instead the existing sales force will be expected to handle the expanding portfolio. Mills are happy to talk to sales staff and provide training if needed. Many have already seen the opportunity presented by a customer who has started to invest in digital alongside conventional litho. Customers have been asking about products suited to digital printing. “Now as we introduce new products, the mills are happy to come over and educate the sales team about the applications and use of the paper,” Doogan says. “We have most things for most people.”

By Gareth Ward

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Denmaur Digital brings all digital suitable papers including Revive Recycled into a package of papers suitable for digital printing including Indigo certified grades.

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