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Dean to bow out after lifetime in print

Dan Dean has been active across the industry for 46 years, now he is contemplating a retirement away from an industry he has loved.

Forty-six years after joining Garnett Dickinson's comp room as an apprentice, Dan Dean, business development director of B&B Press, is retiring at Christmas.

While his first and final employers are both Rotherham companies, Dean has worked at Albert Gait in Grimsby and De Lisle Group in Nottingham along the way. One responsibility in the early 1980s at Garnett Dickinson as production executive was receiving films from London publishers sent by rail using Red Star and racing to Doncaster to return these films via Red Star.

“I made the decision in the middle of last year and company owners Barry Liversidge and Nigel Tolley agreed. There has been someone shadowing me throughout the last 12 months ready to take over,” says Dean. That is Dave Stones, who will expand his role as sales and marketing director.

It is not a complete break. For the next six months he will be involved in the renewal of the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, working on Wednesdays only.

Dean has also resigned his roles in the BPIF as a chair of the North East Region and one the federation’s government and industry committee. He has also been active in the YMP, when qualifying fort the Young Managing Printers group in the 1980s, heading the periodical printers special interest group, the national board and conference committees.

“I have seen and been part of the BPIF changing from an old boys' club to the vibrant forward thinking organisation it is today and been delighted to be part of it,” he says. “I was part of the first BPIF Diploma cohort in the early 1990s and thoroughly enjoyed being made one of the first Fellows for the federation a few years ago.”

While open to offers, Dean will be enjoying the open air and 46 years in offices and factories, either walking or astride his Harley Davidson. But he admits it will be wrench.

“I shall miss everything: the people I work with, the innovations in technology I’ve been involved with and I shall miss the customers gravely. I’m not looking forward to retirement from that point of view. It will be missing the cut and thrust of the daily challenges. In 46 years I think I have had only one or two bad days. Every other I have enjoyed.”

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Dan Dean

Dan Dean

Dan Dean is stepping away from the industry he joined 46 years ago, never regretting a single moment. His career has culminated as business development director of B&B Press and numerous positions in the BPIF.

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