15 December 2019 Print Companies

Dayfold moves to LED UV with UK's first Heidelberg Speedmaster CS92

High end printer Dayfold has enhanced print capabilities and capacity with investment in Heidelberg's showroom press.

The first crates containing a Heidelberg Speedmaster CS92 were due to arrive at Dayfold in Verwood, Dorset at the weekend.

The company is the first in the UK to install the SRA1 format press, having bought the machine that has been in Heidelberg's Brentford showroom for more than 18 months. It will join a six-colour B2 Speedmaster CD at the company, along with HP Indigo digital presses.

“A few months ago we purchased another printer,” says sales director Mark Smith, “and rather than move Xadon’s B2 press, we decided to buy a new machine.”

Dayfold has specialised in high quality design led print, with 85% of jobs being printed on uncoated paper. The new machine has LED UV curing which will deliver sheets fully dry to the delivery and will open the door to printing on non absorbent substrates.

“Xadon has given us a leap into the more commercial world, so rather than continue with B2, the SRA1 will be more cost efficient for this than B2,” says Smith. But it is the possibilities of LED UV that really excite the sales director. “We want to print on top of foils, to print on plastics and to print white. It’s about trying to see what we can do for Dayfold customers,” he adds.

As well as LED UV, the press comes with plate changing, Intellistart 2 and Easy Control for measuring and ensuring colour accuracy. Smith says Dayfold looked at alternatives in the market for this format and LED UV. But Heidelberg was always top of the list. “We think there is still a sales advantage with our customers in selling the fact that we are printing on Heidelbergs. The vast majority of our customers are very picky when it comes to quality.

“They also want ideas and new ways of doing things for them. When they ask for A we will ask what is the print for, and will come back with B or C as more effective solutions. It’s about raising the perception of the brand. This way they come to value what we do.

We don’t think of print as a commodity, it’s about delivering a piece of design. Dayfold is not about producing it cheaper, it’s about doing it better.”

Ahead of installation, the company has had to prepare the floor for the machine and to remove a mezzanine floor above where the press will be installed. It should be up and running in the new year. But the company is not particularly quiet at this time, handling copious amounts of work for higher education market ahead of the annual round of recruiting the next generation of students.

“Business has been good this year. We are 4% up over last year and as soon as this is commissioned we will have more capacity than we have ever had.”

Along with the press, Heidelberg is supplying its Prinect MIS.

By Gareth Ward

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CS92 before move

CS92 before move

Heidelberg has had the Speedmaster CS92 with LED UV in its showroom for more than a year and, now that the press has been sold, can replace it with Drupa 2020 machinery when this becomes available. Dayfold was able to secure a good deal for the machine.

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