19 January 2020 Print Companies

Datagraphic adds Böwe as it aims for cutting edge

The document management business has followed investment in a Xerox Trivor with a sophistcated mail sorting line.

Datagraphic has followed up installation of a Xerox Trivor 2400 HD inkjet web press with investment in a Böwe System letter sorter. Both are geared towards being able to provide same day document processing from its Rugby factory.

“Installing two significant pieces of equipment in the production centre in a matter of months has taken a real team effort and meticulous planning,” says Sarah Butler, general manager.

“We often have to print and mail within hours of receiving the data. Expanding our mail sortation and consolidation capacity ensures we continue to meet demand and do it properly.”

The Böwe has 128 sort bins arrayed in a two tier, two sided configuration to keep the line’s length down to 15 metres. It can cope with 46,500 DL envelopes an hour.

The decision on supplier came after research into the UK market, revealing the German supplier to be the leading provider of mail sortation equipment, says group managing director Glyn King. “They also demonstrated a depth of knowledge in mail consolidation and offered a package of on-site support and preventative maintenance which is essential for time critical operations like ours.

“The team at Böwe System in Derby have worked with us to understand the way our business works ad make the installation as seamless as possible.”

Datagraphic also has a site in Chesterfield. Emissions from both are being offset through Climate Care and the range of projects it supports worldwide. It already applies strict environmental management policy, buying energy from renewable resources.

Part of this is to offer an extensive range of digital communications as a viable alternative to paper. However, there is a long future for paper as while demand decreases, it rarely disappears. Hence Datagraphic continues to produce printed cheque and paying in books as well as other secure print based payment methods.

As well as the Trivor, the company has operated Xerox’s Rialto 900, its first inkjet web press and the Brenva HD, its first cut sheet inkjet press.

By Gareth Ward

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Glyn King, group managing director and Sarah Butler, general manager, both of Datagraphic, and Andy Wain, UK sales director at Böwe Systec in the Rugby factory where the sortation line has been installed.

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