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DXG Media takes advantage of cut prices on Polar cutters

Aggressive sales policy by Heidelberg UK has paid off with DXG Media one of those taking advantage.

DXG Media is the latest company to take advantage of a promotion on guillotines that has enabled Heidelberg UK to sell more than a dozen Polars over the summer months.

The Manchester company has replaced a 15-year-old Polar 115 with a Polar 115 Pro. “We had had the old guillotine from new, and felt it was getting a bit tired, but was a very reliable machine which is why we had to stick with Polar,” says managing director Duarte Goncalves.

DXG was offered the machine that had previously been the showroom guillotine at Heidelberg UK in Brentford which meant it could be delivered inside seven days, saving several weeks’ wait, says works director Brendan Tierney.

The new machine has eased a bottleneck for the business, not because the cutting action is any faster, but because job set up is easier thanks to a large touch panel display. “We have already found that this new machine offers a lot more but importantly navigating through the programmes and setting up on a particular job much much quicker,” says Goncalves.

DXG has been enjoying a strong financial year, each month beating targets set for that period, thanks to returning customers. “We strive to continually make improvements where possible to our service and it’s the quality and the reliability that keeps our clients coming back for more,” says Tierney.

The guillotine becomes the first item in a phase of reinvestment to keep the business up to date says Goncalves.

That experience is typical, says Heidelberg UK’s Ian Trengrouse. Companies that want to make some investment but are unable to justify a new press are spending less and have been able to afford a new guillotine. This has been helped by the sales campaign agreed with Polar earlier in the year.

“This has included a few options for printers,” says Trengrouse. “There is an enhanced busy back which provides more cash towards the deal, the option to upgrade from a Plus to Pro model on the 115 and 137 machines, the chance to upgrade from Formica to nickel tables for example. This has resulted in 13 sales to date.” Further deals may be possible as the offers run through to October.

The opportunity is there to upgrade a guillotine which like DXG’s belongs to the E or ED generation. And to do so while the machines are supported. Polar has a 25-year limit on providing spares from the factory, says Trengrouse.

While the blade speed remains the same, there are improvements in set up and in using Optiknife to switch blades quickly and securely. There is also growing interest in CompuCut, the digital set up programme that takes data from prepress and calculates the optimism cutting sequence for any job, identified by scanning in a barcode on the sheet.

As Heidelberg UK has shipped its showroom guillotine to DXG, Trengrouse has been able to specify a replacement to ensure that there will always be a Polar in Brentford.

By Gareth Ward

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DXG Media has taken advantage of an attractive offer on Polar guillotines, instituted by Heidelberg UK to stimulate business this year. It has worked. For DXG this is the first step towards an overhaul of its technology platform.

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