20 September 2020 Finishing

Curtis increases foiling capacity with Kama

Curtis Packaging has installed a Kama ProCut Foil from Friedheim International to handle growing requirements for foil embellishment.

Curtis Packaging has continued its post move growth with investments to boost its finishing capacity, including a Kama ProCut 76 Foil arriving from Germany last month.

The carton printer moved from Wimbledon to a modern factory near Redhill, where it runs CX102 and XL75 Heidelberg Speedmasters, in 2016. At the time it had a single Heidelberg Cylinder for foiling.

“We have seen a big increase in demand for hot foil blocking over the last four or five years,” says managing director James Williams. “We installed a first Cylinder five years ago, and then a second to keep up with demand. Now we needed something that gives us more sheets.”

The Kama has a top speed of 5,000 sheets an hour, offering cut and crease, hole punching and embossing as well as foiling. The nature of Curtis’ work means a throughput of 3,300sph is more usual, says Williams.

As well as faster running speed, the Kama is significantly faster to make ready than the Cylinders. It feeds at right angles to the machine, sheets arriving a side lays for a tight fit before heading through the machine. A camera system adds to the accuracy of registration and a zonal heating element delivers heat directly to the die.

The company continues to buy dies in from trusted suppliers, but the additional capacity means there is no need to put foiling work out to the trade.

Curtis had watched the Kama over the years, staying in contact with UK distributor Friedheim International, culminating in a list sent to the “very impressive” Kama factory in Dresden.

“In truth there is no other small format foiler that’s available,” says Williams. “And a B1 machine would have been hugely expensive. Ours runs on average 5,000-20,000 sheets so the format suits us well and the Kama gives the accuracy and consistency that we need for high end beauty and cosmetics customers.”

The Kama installation is the third piece of finishing equipment to arrive at Curtis this year, following an Autobond laminator and Bobst Novacut. “It is early days for us with the Kama. So far I’m very pleased,” says Williams.

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The Kama ProCut 76 Foil will boost foiling capacity at Curtis Packaging to meet growing demand for embellished cartons from the beauty sector and cosmetics companies, adding to a pair of Heidelberg Cylinders at the Merstham factory.

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