19 November 2017 Print Companies

Colouration completes Christmas season work on new Zünd

High quality graphics specialist Colouration has delivered the graphics to drive Christmas sales for high end fashion and cosmetics brands, following a boost to its finishing capacity.

Tooting printer Colouration has used a new Zund G3 flatbed cutting table to deliver pre-Christmas campaigns to high end fashion and cosmetics brands.

The Zund G3 2XL3200 complements its Océ Arizona flatbed printers and will take on jobs previously handled by its router, used for solid materials like MDF or acrylic, and its blade cutter for corrugated boards. It was installed after managing director Tony Dennington confirmed the order at Fespa earlier this year.

The table has been specified with a tandem vacuum allowing one part of the table to be cutting a job, while a new sheet can be loaded to the unused part of the table, boosting productivity. Zund’s automatic router bit changer selects and loads the correct tool automatically as a further move to stepping up productivity.

This has impressed Dennington. "It's a great machine: faster than the older machine, versatile and clean working. It does everything they said it would.

“Cutting work has become bigger than anyone thought. In the early years we were asking if you could justify buying a cutting machine when you compared it with someone with a ruler, but technology has advanced so much that you now have the speed and accuracy on any size, any shape and any material. It has become a necessity to our business.”

The business began as a commercial printer in Wimbledon in 2001, moving into large format printing to meet requirements from image conscious customers looking for high quality counter and retail unit displays for perfume, cosmetics and fashion brands. It installed its first flatbed machine in 2010.

The strategy has also protected the business as traditional work has declined with the expansion of online marketing and digital printing.

Now the much of the pre and post Christmas work completed for 2017, Colouration is turning thoughts to 2018 and meeting rising demand through additional shifts with additional print capacity also under consideration.

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Zünd UK

Zünd UK

Tony Dennington visited both Zünd's UK head office and the stand at Fespa before committing to the G3 cutter that the Tooting company has installed in time to help with the pre-Christmas rush of work for high end retail brands.

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