22 February 2015 Print Companies

Clicks leads with its second LumeJet

The printer on the edge of the City of London has become the first to buy a second LumeJet printer to meet rising demand for ultra high quality printing.

London digital printer Clicks has become the first company to order a second Lumejet S200 photonic printer. The purchase comes a year after the company bought its first LumeJet at Ipex and will help serve growing demand for ultra high quality photobooks, helped by deals with new photo generating businesses.

The first LumeJet was installed six months ago and the second is being assembled in the Lumejet factory in Coventry ahead of delivery. And to meet demand for photo products the company has turned to Duplo for a DC646 Pro multi finisher and a Mitamax layflat casemaking system to automate what has been a manual process.

The company also runs HP Indigo presses, regarded as setting the quality bar for digital printing. However, says production director Graham Leggett, with a resolution of 6000dpi output quality sets a new benchmark for high quality output. Clicks managing director Alan Rigglesford says: “This output quality also liberates designers from any concern about optimum output resolution for text or photographic images – it will effectively ‘print anything’. This means that the traditional restrictions of ‘designing for print’ can be cast aside allowing for a truly unrestricted creative approach to meeting a customer’s vision and requirements in a compelling and innovative way.”

This has been put to the test in work for photographers, for architectural pitch books, exhibitions, look books, top end brands and real estate, where the highest possible quality is needed.

The company is also working as the fulfilment end to two start up photo ventures: Square Snaps, a social media focused photo printing service for square shaped images, and Pryynt, an in app photo printing technology that is easily incorporated into a branded photo service.

Square Snaps is generated 100,000 uploads a month just nine months after launch, stretching Clicks’ ability to handle the volume manually. “The Duplo DC646 Pro has been the ideal solution for these high volume applications. It has been a breath of fresh air, enabling my staff to reduce turnaround times from two to three hours to about 20 minutes on general work so we have no bottleneck at all,” says Rigglesford.

This is not work, however, for the new machine. This has been generated by what LumeJet commercial director Miles Bentley describes as “an integrated sales and marketing approach”, namely offering LumeJet output to its already quality conscious retail, property and luxury brands.

Rigglesford continues: “The LumeJet’s high quality output has been extremely well received by our customers. We are seeing a diverse range of applications from customers who want to differentiate their brands in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The LumeJet's output compliments our wide range of large and small format digital printers and allows us to offer a very full range of print services regardless of run length, quality and cost.”

The company’s next investment will be in the large format area where it runs HP Latex printers, EFI Vutek and Inca Spyder UV flatbed presses.

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LumeJet imaging head

LumeJet imaging head

The LumeJet S200 is a totally different type of printer, using a focused beam of light in a patented print head (above) to expose a photo sensitive paper at ultra high resolution resulting in a contone image that exceeds the quality of any other current printing technology.

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