27 May 2012 Commercial

Chesapeake's prescription is new investment for Leicester

The company's pharmaceutical printing plant in Leicester is receiving a new press and new carton gluer to bump up productivity and responsiveness

Jon Drennan with a Diana X carton gluer as is heading to Leicester

Jon Drennan with a Diana X carton gluer as is heading to Leicester

CHESAPEAKE LEICESTER HAD THE CORPORATE CHEQUEBOOK TO when visiting the Komori and Heidelberg stands at Drupa.

On the first the company signed for a six-colour Lithrone GX 640 plus coater and H-UV curing, the machine which was making its debut at the show. The machine on the stand moved directly from Dusseldorf to Leicester to join the four Komori S40s that Chesapeake has bought for its pharmaceutical packaging operations in the last two years.

THE KOMORI OFFERS EXTRA AUTOMATION AND A GREENER operating footprint over the previous generation of Lithrones. It is fitted with a twin camera inline inspection system to weed out defects before they can reach the customer.

Operations director at Leicester Joe Drennan says: “Having seen the press put through its paces during Komori’s demonstrations at the show, we were immediately impressed with the increased automation and environmental related improvements. The twin-camera inline quality inspection system as well as the spot measurement and automatic register functions of Komori’s new spectral density control will enable us to maintain even greater product consistency for our customers.”

THE PRESS IS BEING MATCHED BY INVESTMENT IN A NEW folder gluer, the first Diana X 80, its first from Heidelberg. The carton gluer replaces two older lines and is being joined by a Diana Packer and by the Diana braille module and Inspection Control module, which are on beta test. The Braille module will allow the raised script to be applied at any point on a carton, across various axes.

The Inspection Module offers an extra degree of fault spotting from the printing stage as well as picking errors in the finishing line. It will spot errors in text which may have been missed on press.
The order followed close discussions between Heidelberg and Chesapeake in which the printer spelled out its requirements and Heidelberg agreed to apply them.

“The launch of something this new and innovative was an exciting proposition and the supplier’s willingness to engage in some collaborative development encouraged us to make this move away from the incumbent supplier,” says Drennan.

The moves will reduce waste levels and help Chesapeak deliver an improved environmental performance, with most of the impact coming from the press. “The fact that it is ozone and heat free and has the scope to print on a variety of substrates is a great advantage. Combine that with instant drying on any material and it will not only add value to our customers’ products but it will also help us meet our environmental goals,” he says.

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Jon Drennan with a Diana X carton gluer as is heading to Leicester

Jon Drennan with a Diana X carton gluer as is heading to Leicester