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Charlesworth Press gears up for personalised book rush with Horizon buy

Yorkshire print and bindery business has installed a Horizon binder as it prepares to cope with seasonal demand for children's books.

Charlesworth Press has installed a Horizon BQ470 perfect binder to help it cope with growing demand for book of one production which can reach 7,000 personalised books a day during the final quarter of the year.

These are personalised children’s books where a child’s name is used through the adventure. The pagination of a book, which Charlesworth prints on its HP Indigos, will vary according to the child’s name. These means that a binder capable of adjustment as the thickness of each book block varies was necessary. The Horizon BQ470, supplied by IFS, fits this bill.

The Wakefield company’s operations director Lee Hewitt says: “Personalised book orders vary in length depending on the recipient’s name. Because the BQ470 has an automatic calliper adjustment it can quickly be set up ready for each book block. This also helps us ensure we adhere to our 36-hour turnaround promise.”

Some 20% of these will be case bound, yet will still be produced on the BQ470 applying end papers instead of the more conventional cover. The company will be increasing casing in capacity, ordering equipment from Schmedt in Germany which will be in place well before the volumes increase says Hewitt.

The company already has a Kolbus binding line and a seven-clamp Horizon binder linking to an HT30 trimmer. The trimmer remains and will be finishing books produced on the new binder. Meanwhile the seven-clamp binder is being refurbished to create greater capacity for the business.

The order for the BQ470 was straightforward. The experience with the existing binder, installed 11 years ago, has given the confidence to return to Horizon when increasing demand for short run books put pressure on the existing equipment.

“We knew what we wanted,” says Hewitt. “We liked how easy it was to set up and we had seen it demonstrated at various shows and open houses. With increased orders from our customers and the ability to promote shorter runs to other customers we expect ROI in 18 months.”

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Horizon binder

Horizon binder

Charlesworth Press has installed a Horizon four clamp perfect binder to cope with demands for personalised books, particularly in the run up to the end of the year when demand can peak at 5,000 books a year. The company is also investing in hard cover production.

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