06 September 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

Canon freshens toner flagship

Despite recent investments in inkjet, Canon is also spending on its existing electrophotographic printing technology.

Canon has upgraded its flagship digital toner press with the introduction of the Imagepress C10010VP, sharing the same core specifications as the C10000VP which is now phased out, but with improvements to enhance productivity and versatility.

The new machine is a four-colour only 100ppm toner press, just as the the previous machine was when introduced five years ago. It includes features to run a broader range of materials, up to 400gsm rather than 350gsm, to deliver greater consistency and with a higher level of automated set up. The minimum paper weight is now 60gsm compared to 70gsm previously.

The press contains a dual fixing unit that is being being used to expand the range of substrates that can be printed at speed. Inline spectrophotometer, back to back registration systems and slew controlling side lays and multi sheet detectors at the feeder are intended to maximise up time and allow the press to run without supervision. The feed bins can hold up to 10,000 sheets with 1,000 sheets to 762mm long with the long sheet input module.

This is the maximum length available for duplex printing, while the maximum sheet that can be printed is 1300mm long using a BDT VX 370 feeder. Registration is at 0.5mm, with the exception of reverse printing the longest sheets. Automated duplexing is possible on 762mm long sheets.

It will operate through either a PrismaSync front end or an EFI Fiery FS400 Pro controller. A full range of inline finishing options is offered along with high capacity stacker and DFD Bridge..

The 100ppm speed leaves Canon behind the top 120ppm of Ricoh's Pro C9200 and Konica Minolta’s C14000, that are the closest in the production segment of electrophotographic printing. And it lags behind the Xerox iGen, HP Indigo portfolio, Xeikon and Kodak Nexpress in terms of productivity. These are presses in a commercial print category and any deficiency in reliability will quickly erode any advantage extra print speed endows..

Price will be broadly in line with that of the machine that is now replaced. The technology needed to handle the broader paper range means it is not possible to upgrade from one specification to the next model.

The development, however, demonstrates Canon’s commitment to digital printing with toner technology. Joseph Courts, head of product marketing, Canon UK affirms: “The C10010VP is a new milestone in the evolution of the digital colour production press, setting new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality.

"Canon offers both inkjet and toner to address different needs and different segments. On one side, Inkjet aims to higher volumes with the need of less inline finishing and less media variety. On the other side, toner technology provides a wider application variety both in media length - up to 1300mm - and weight - up to 400gsm- which the inkjet market is currently not addressing. These two technologies fulfil different customers’ requirements."

Positioning maintains the gap between the toner machines and the increasingly popular inkjet presses. Canon’s VarioPrint iX3200 is attracting increasing attention, as a litho replacement digital press, which offers higher productivity, quality and flexibility than dry toner technology.

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Canon C10000VP

Canon C10000VP

The ImagePress C10000VP is being given a face lift, having been brought up to the latest specifications to improve productivity and versatility. Canon has sold more than 15,000 ImagePress engines in Europe. The new model will increase the appeal of the Canon technology it hopes is part of a wave of technology announcements this year.

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