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Canon fires up Anthony Rowe for book of one production

A Canon ColorStream is in operation at Anthony Rowe Eastbourne, the first inkjet press from Canon in the CPI group.

Six months after switching on its first continuous feed press, CPI Antony Rowe’s Eastbourne site has no regrets after selecting a Canon ColorStream 6700 Chroma rather than HP PageWide to match presses at Antony Rowe's Wiltshire factories.

“It’s about selecting the right technology for the right product and in our minds Canon was the right solution for Eastbourne,” says Martin Collyer, general manager of the Antony Rowe division. “We made the decision based on all the criteria: throughput, waste, power consumption and more.”

The Eastbourne factory has long experience of using Canon VarioPrint cut sheet machines for print on demand and book of one production. Installation of a reel fed press has meant a substantial increase in throughput potential. “And growth is a key part of our strategy,” says Collyer. “It’s about production of paper backs and hard backs on a large variety of substrates. That is an advantage that we have over our competition.”

The company has gained a big gain in terms of colour book capacity using the high density Chromera inks. Collyer reckons that the inkjet press will handle 1.5 million books a year, and it has slipped seamlessly into the existing workflows for its existing Canon presses.

This continues with the continuous feed press. The press is fed from a Tecnau U40 zero speed splicer, able to switch quickly between reels The ColorStream press will continue printing during the slow down and acceleration phase, minimising waste. The company operates with an R9 single-reel rewinder with the option of upgrading to an R40 to complement the U40.

The printed reel is fed into a Tecnau Libra 800 book line with folder, Dynacut to create variable format books, again limiting waste by minimising the amount of paper lost in trim areas.

The Tecnau can take a 560mm wide reel, 540mm in print area which allows Antony Rowe to run three pages across the web on the right format of book using a paw folder to enable two-up, three-up and four-page impositions. The binder runs with hot melt adhesive.

Jason Seaber, technical sales director of Tecnau dealer IFS, says: “We can cut across the web and slit, changing the format book by book for book of one production, reading data from a matrix code to set up the binder and to make sure that the cover matches.” The binder has the option of feeding a false cover to give end papers for had cover binding.

The bound books head on a conveyor to a Horizon HT1000V for trimming either mono or colour books.

“We are very very happy with the performance. It has proved to be the right technology for what we need,” Collyer says.

By Gareth Ward

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ColorStream 6700

ColorStream 6700

CPI Antony Rowe Eastbourne has installed its first continuous feed press, moving into colour inkjet with a Canon ColorStream where it joins a number of cutsheet machines from the same manufacturer.

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