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CS Labels finds space to expand with second factory

CS Labels is casting its net wider starting with a £3 million investment including a second factory giving space to expand.

CS Labels has acquired a 2,000m2 factory three miles from the existing plant in Willenhall, offering double the production floor space over this factory.

The additional unit, part of a £3 million expansion plan for the label printer, will enable it to expand its interest in flexible packaging operations. The company has printed pouches on its Xeikon presses and will be the UK beta site for the new Xeikon CX500 high speed wide press.

CS Labels introduced its thoughts about flexible packaging as the weather hit Packaging Innovations show last week. The company has been collaborating with Xeikon on the technology and techniques to print flexible packaging cost effectively on the toner press.

Solutions for printing flexible packaging with digital print technology have been limited: the HP Indigo 20000 and recently announced Indigo 6900 have been ahead of the game, but take up has been limited.

Details of how CS Labels and Xeikon plan to change this paradigm are unclear at present. As well as pouches, which have been finished offsite, the company has been producing flow wraps for an energy bar company. More will disclosed at the Xeikon Café 2018.

The development is needed too to cope with growing demand for its services. “Due to ever growing demand for digital print we have outgrown our existing unit and I’m delighted with this new investment. We will enjoy the increased capacity that is so dearly required now and have designed a new customer demonstration facility which will enable prospects and clients of all business sizes to truly appreciate the power of digital print in action,” says CS Labels managing director Simon Smith.

The additional facility will include improved facilities for staff working there. Smith adds: “We’ve come a long way since our initial 5,000 square foot [465m2] space that we moved into in 2004, plus the expansion into the facility next door in 2012, and this is the first time that we have been able to purpose design every single element of our facility.”

The company will begin adding equipment to the new plant in the next weeks, aiming to be complete in the summer.

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Expanded label printing

Expanded label printing

CS Labels is doubling the space available for label printing with acquisition of a new factory that will be opened early in the summer. The company made the announcement at Packaging Innovations this week.

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