11 August 2013 Events

CPI Books investment continues with MPG pickings

The refinancing of the European book printer has not slowed investment plans as second inkjet press heads west.

EQUIPMENT FROM THE COLLAPSED MPG Books is beginning to find its way into the trade with the key Kings Lynn site almost stripped.

The Timson T Folder from the T Press is headed to CPI Anthony Rowe as part of an investment in its second HP T360 high speed inkjet press. The plant is also taking the Kolbus perfect binding line from Kings Lynn. The Kodak Prosper 1000 has been sold to St Ives Clays. Clays has also taken on Gary Mahoney who had set up and managed the transformation of the Kings Lynn site from offset to digital production.

FOR CPI, THE FAILURE OF MPG Books has provided the opportunity to take in equipment quickly, short circuiting delivery times. The Timson T Fold was launched at Drupa and is able to change pagination of a book block on the fly. It is the first of the seven HP Presses that CPI now has across Europe with Timson equipment. Previous machines have been fitted with Magnum systems to slit and collate book blocks from the digital press.

The investment in the colour press endorses the Quantum concept of offering publishers run of press colour. It has been used on a special edition of Simon & Schuster’s publication of Changeling by Phillippa Gregory, which included colour headings and maps. However, the key area for take up has been in journals and STMA.

IN ITS EXPERIENCE THE SWEET spot for the press is from 50 to 4,000 copies, the mix varying depending on the particular market. Ian Browning-Smith, CPI UK’s chief operating officer says: “We installed our first Quantum line last year and have been exceptionally pleased with the speed of the ramp up. The digital expertise of the management team and workforce at our Chippenham plant means that progress has been impressive and has exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to growing these resources. With the addition of the equipment acquired from MPG we will be able to shift our capacity positively in this important part of our UK business.”

The gathering section of the Kolbus 600 binding line is split in two to allow production of digital mono blocks in two sections and to feed a plate section between, the style of working that MPG Books preferred.

THE ACQUISITION OF CPI BOOKS by a consortium of Impala, BPI France and management has not affected investment strategy. There will be investment at the CPI Colour plant in Croydon to be announced later this year, but currently there are no plans to spend at its other UK establishments. However, last week CPI Books gained a new sister company when Impala acquired a majority stake in Technoplus Industries, a high end engineering company specialising in the aviation and energy sectors.

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T Fold from MPG Books is heading to Chippenham.

T Fold from MPG Books is heading to Chippenham.