04 August 2018 Print Companies

CPI Books gains Jetpress for book cover printing

CPI Books has installed the Fujifilm B2 inkjet press to deliver the runs with colour consistency needed by its publishers.

CPI Books has installed a Fujifilm Jetpress 720S B2 inkjet press at its Croydon factory, a move away from HP as provider of digital print technology.

The press is replacing a B2 HP Indigo 12000 which finds a new home at CPI Colour, its commercial printing arm, which is also in Croydon. CPI Books has partnered with HP for digital book printing with T series inkjet web presses used in the UK and at plants in mainland Europe. It has also used Canon Océ presses for shorter run cut sheet mono print on demand for books and journals.

The Jetpress though represents a shift for CPI and a breakthrough for Fuji. The press will be used for fast turnaround production of covers, jackets and colour sections for books printed both at the Croydon site and elsewhere in the UK, producing 3 million a week.

The company has used B2 litho presses for this purpose, always arguing that litho provided the guarantee of consistency for covers in a series of books or reprints that digital colour has struggled to achieve. It currently has six litho presses for this purpose, but with supply chain management the mantra for publishers and print on demand for book printers, customers want shorter runs faster than is sensible for litho to cope with.

It was what Fujifilm UK general manager Chris Broadhurst calls the “flawless colour consistency, perfect sheet to sheet registrations and exceptional quality” that won the order for Fujifilm. As sheets may need foiling, embossing and other value add processes after printing, precise sheet to sheet registration is crucial.

The order follows on from installation of a Jetpress 720S at Push Print in Bermondsey for printing short run colour books when colour consistency was cited as a factor in the purchasing decision.

CPI Books operations director Jamie Stanborough says: “The Jetpress 720S had been on our radar for a few years. And when we made the decision to focus exclusively on book printing at this location, it became the clear and obvious choice to handle the increasing number of short run jobs we’re being tasked with. We made the decision to move our existing digital presses to CPI Colour, our commercial printing site close by. This will now handle all of our general commercial print work, leaving our facility to focus exclusively on book printing.

“With the Jetpress we can be 100% confident that a re-print months or even years later will be a precise match to the original. Perfect page to page registration gives us the ability to add specialist finishes with confidence, while the excellent uptime means that the Jetpress should produce more work than many faster digital presses.”

Gareth Ward

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Jamie Stanborough

Jamie Stanborough

CPI Books has installed a B2 inkjet Jetpress 720S to print book jackets and covers with the small numbers, fast turnaround and consistency that publishers require in terms of delivering supply chain efficiencies.

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