08 September 2019 Print Companies

CPG completes conversion to Agfa technology

With workflow, platesetter and plates and now software from Agfa, CPG has extended the benefits of prepress workflows onto the press.

Tonbridge printer CPG has completed a switch to an Agfa prepress set up which began at the start of this year.

At that point the company adopted the Apogee production workflow following up with installation of an Avalon N4 platesetter with CX85 clean out unit to run the Azura TU chemistry free plate. And as part of Agfa’s Eco3 software package, it has now added Presstune and Inktune applications to take a further efficiency step.

Stephen Kirkham, CPG sales director, says: “It was the Apogee suite of workflow management products that really swung the deal to Agfa for us. It enables us to control every phase of the production process from a single user interface. It keeps an overview of our PDF files with preflight and calculated ideal impositions with Impose.”

The company runs two B2 Komori Lithrones and Xerox iGen4 to produce a range of work, always high quality, for a number of blue chip customers across automotive, leisure and professional services sector. It means that the company is switching to different papers and styles, where PressTune comes into play for reducing make ready time and sheets getting into colour. InkTune reduces the amount of ink required while also helping to maintain consistency.

Both are helped by an emphasis on keeping the presses in top condition. The absence of chemistry in processing has taken away a further variable in the process bringing guaranteed repeatability to platemaking. On press performance has been equally strong says Kirkham. “The Agfa plate is working really well for us, and it has had some good benefits for us. We were already pretty lean and mean and we expect the highest quality from our consumables. printing is about the quality angle, not how fast the minders can run the press.”

Quality, not running speed, is the key metric for the press operators “when you ask for quality, you have the guys the tools to deliver quality. So we’re very pleased with the switch to Agfa," he says.

The platesetter has doubled throughput capacity over the older platesetter, ending what had become a bottleneck for the business and providing capacity for an expanding number of jobs.

By Gareth Ward

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CPG has adopted Agfa technology over the course of 2019, from Apogee workflow, Azura plates, Avalon platesetter and now software to cut ink usage and optimise quality.

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